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"I had the pleasure of getting a reading by Sheila, after a recommendation from a person in a similar profession. The reading was absolutely AMAZING. Sheila was very friendly and professional. The reading did not feel rushed at all, and Sheila took her time explaining everything, and listening to my own interpretations. She was purposeful and present with the cards, and spent extra time pulling a couple of other cards when we felt we needed more information on one from the first set. The cards she drew were exactly what I needed to hear, and the experience of doing it virtually was great. Thank you Sheila!" 

– Marina N.              

"Sheila has a magical combination of kindness, open-hearted listening and amazing intuition. She was able to guide me in my life path as if she had known me for years. Sheila was able to connect dots that I hadn’t even seen - it’s like talking to a wise, empathetic friend who understands the nuances of your life without you having to explain them.

I can’t recommend Sheila enough. She really does have the gift of Divine guidance. Very few people possess that!"

- Laurie, Quebec, Canada

"For anyone thinking of having a session with Sheila.. Think no more. Just DO. After my session with Sheila, the metaphorical doors in my life suddenly opened up, to new and exciting aspects of my professional and personal life. I was always a believer in this form of spiritual "therapy". But now, there is no believing. It just is. It just exists without question. Sheila's compassionate instincts and brilliant capabilities, her remarkable gift of witnessing and transmitting the spiritual has been miraculously transformational in my life.

I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have Sheila as a guide... She has opened up my life to the possibilities that I knew were there; Sheila just guided me to what I needed to know, and to feel. She is one of the kindest and most non judgmental people I have ever met. What a blessing I have been given.. Thank you Sheila for your gifts and for reminding me... Forever grateful... "

- Sarah Lowman, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC, Canada

Esse-Vivre Massotherapy,

"Doing an Oracle reading with Sheila is like having a translator along for a deep conversation with your inner self. Sheila and her Cards helped guide the conversation to places that are not always obvious to us as we cannot see the trees for the forest. However on this journey I was able to have perspective and interaction with a higher self that is all too eager to help us along on our life journey. I felt clear messages were being shared in all directions and as well as vision and direction there are still more interesting questions. I highly recommend Sheila as a companion on a journey of self-reflection and learning. Sheila’s open-minded approach is genuine and gentle as well as deep and penetrating. BlueWater Oracle has given me clear directions on how to move forward at this point in my life. Thank you Sheila."

- Kim Vergil, Abstract mixed media artist

“Thanks Sheila for the guidance. You are spot on with what manifested, and how I needed to give this attention. I like to be reassured in a human way and your sessions do this for me. Your warmth and concern is reassuring. Your ways of making sure that everything flows captures the essence and message of every card. Give yourself the gift to know Sheila and the vision she provides. Thanks, Yvonne”

- Yvonne St-Louis, Quebec, Canada Prosperity Coaching with Soul and Ease

“Thank you so much for the time, dedication and, specially, the positive vibes you have put in my oracle reading. Your interpretation accurately describes my past and present emotional situation. I listened attentively to your reading and I see that you have the gift not only for seeing the problem and consequences, but also for offering uplifting advice (Thank you very much. I really appreciate your supportive words =). Your reading is already helping me a lot. Thank you very much again for your support and light blessings to you too, Sheila!"

- Jenny K., Quebec, Canada

“Sheila has a unique connection allowing her to be an intuitive and accurate Oracle. Our Journey is more important than our destination. However at times on this journey, we question everything or feel as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Sheila is fantastic at shedding some light and bringing some direction to our lives when we feel that there is none. I do not believe a psychic helps by telling you that you will be happy one day. I believe that what we really need is help in the present moment with what life is throwing at us today. That is exactly where Sheila is able to offer help, I often turn to her and will continue to do so. I would highly recommend her services.”

- Nicky, Alberta, Canada

“Thank you so very much for my reading. I can truly say that your reading was extremely ACCURATE! I want to thank you so much for your time and for all the wisdom and insight. It was a wonderful reading. I really love the way you record the session as it comes across so well, your voice and the natural way with how you share about how you prepare the reading and what happens during the session makes it so personal. I literally feel we are in the same room! Thank you so so much for your time - your readings are helping me so much.”

- Joanne Yeoh, Suffolk, England

“I have experienced several readings with Sheila. Each time I have been amazed at the accuracy of the cards she has chosen, and their interpretation in relation to my personal situation. Following these readings things have occurred in my life which absolutely validated Sheila’s readings. Thanks to Sheila, I was able to be aware of where I needed to focus my attention and energy and decide what direction I should be taking. Thank you Sheila!”

- N.F., Quebec, Canada

“Sheila's readings helped me through a traumatic accident I had this year on holiday, bringing a deeper meaning to the event and gifting me many routes of healing to follow. The colours and symbols given resonated strongly with my dreams and aspects of the detail of my healing and the chakra information imparted invaluable aids to getting in touch with my body's varied healing energy needs. With much gratitude, Kaz H.”

- Kaz H., Berkshire, England

“Hello Sheila! Your reading was just fantastic! Your voice is so divine, it transcends. It is as though you have been doing this for many years or many lifetimes, you are truly gifted. Your reading was 98% accurate. I would recommend you to do readings for friends of mine. You are an amazing reader. Good luck on your journey. Lots of love, Jo.”

- Jo A., Victoria, Australia

“I had the pleasure of meeting with Sheila recently while she did the chakra card reading with me. I was really impressed with Sheila’s intuitive insight as well as her gentle and kind manner. It was a very positive experience and I gained a lot of great AHA moments! I would recommend Sheila to anyone looking to gain more inner wisdom on their life’s journey.”

- Sherry Nash, Certified Professional Coach & Reiki Master, Quebec, Canada

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