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Oracle Intuitive Reading services

Oracle readings vary in their duration depending on the question or topic, the cards pulled, and the insights given during the reading.

What the cards could tell you is completely individual, between you, your highest self, and all the universal energies.

Sample Audio Oracle Card Reading

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Gift Certificates

Any reading type or $ amount can be purchased to give the gift of a reading to a friend, co-worker, loved one, family member ...

Please email to set up the details:

Multi-Card Oracle Card Readings

Online or Telephone Oracle Intuitive Readings

$120 CAD per session of 1.5-2 hours.

Sessions are at an agreed upon appointment time. 

Multi-Card Written or Audio-Recorded Oracle Card Reading
One question or topic - Multi-card (three or more cards)
Via email, audio recording or written reading
$ 120 CAD

"Oracle-on-Call" Oracle Card Text Reading

One question or topic – One card

Via text in Canada or via iMessage (email available if not possible via text)

$ 30 CAD

Quick Intuitive Readings

Get in touch with your higher self, with divine infinite wisdom, and with your spirit team. Receive a new perspective on an issue, answers, guiding you in reflection, and helping to clear up the fog. You might need to shift something that is not working or just need some support to confirm you are on the right track. Let me help you feel better in your now and see your way forward.

15-30 minute readings

Online via Zoom, telephone, or as an audio recording.

E-transfer to


Please send email or add a note with your email or telephone # so I can contact you to set up our session!

Two-Card Oracle Intuitive Reading

One question or topic – Two cards

Via email, audio recording or written reading

$ 60 CAD

Oracle Card Chakra Reading

Seven or more cards, about each of the seven chakras

Online or via email, audio recording or written reading

$ 120 CAD

In-Person or Online Group Readings

$100 CAD per hour, at an agreed upon time and location or online. Determining length of the group event before starting is recommended for the agreement of all involved. Group readings can be done for some or all of the group, with the group present or privately apart from the group, according to the needs of the individuals and how the event is planned ahead of time.

Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, are used with permission.

They are available through and

Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards & Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, are used with permission. They are available through

Payment Information

Readings may be paid for via cash if in person, or via PayPal at or via money etransfer through your bank account to

Please contact me for any questions about payment options prior to your reading.

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