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It is time to play!

It’s September, life is full and busy! Those questions and needs that were put to the side while you enjoyed summer are sneaking back up. You have the option of delaying more while the whispers get louder and louder and while you feel more and more uncomfortable, or you can get answers. You know you need some help to figure out the next steps but you are not sure where to turn.

The amazing part about oracle intuitive guidance readings is what a difference they really do make. Much more than bringing you information, we bring together your life, your highest self, oracle card images, words, and symbolism, with my connection to energy, spirit helpers, and your soul. We find out what you most need to know in the here and now to help you better understand what is happening, shift what is keeping you in the fog and struggle, so you can step forward with clear action steps and knowing. We confirm what you already know but are not sure about. We connect to all that is there to help you in your life, right now, and whenever you need it.

I am an Oracle, the one that bridges the gap, provides the interpretation of the insights, and works with the energy on your behalf. You are always receiving guidance, signs, messages, and ideas. Sometimes it feels like it is a different language or feels too overwhelming to decipher and understand. This is often when we are too close to our own stuff! That is where I come in. Not to tell you your future but to help you in the now so you are creating your future while you are enjoying your life.

This month, I am opening up 10 special spots for new clients. You have wanted a reading, you’ve wanted to get answers, but you just weren’t ready to step forward. Well, let me invite you now! For these 10 new clients, I am offering a full oracle intuitive guidance reading, which is 1-2 hours long, for a contribution-based payment. You choose! Whether it is $50, $100, more or less, you come in knowing you feel good about helping yourself which helps those around you, and I feel amazing as I work with our intuition, the cards, and spirit on your behalf.

Why by contribution you ask? Well, I love the idea of paying forward! I trust that people will pay what they are able in a fair exchange. I also love what I do. This work, reading for people, connecting, is my passion and I want to share more of it so others will benefit.

Connect with amazing guidance, insights, shifts, and support today. Your appointment time is ready and I am looking forward to connecting with you! Yup, you can stay in the fog and feel heavy and unsure, or we can meet and find out what is waiting on the other side of that struggle with lightness and clarity. Let me help you see your way forward!

💙 Sheila

Sheila Bicknell – BlueWater Oracle

Mobile 514-573-4740

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