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Are you looking to shift an aspect in your life?

Are you hoping for clarification on or a deeper understanding about something?

Would you like to change a part of your life but are not sure how?

Do you feel you would like deeper support?

Is there something you would like to confirm or connect with?

The answers and support are within you and all around you. If you feel you would like help to access them, to listen, to understand, and to move to your next step, an Oracle Card Reading is here for you!

Ideas of questions for an oracle card reading:

For a reading, the question or topic can be as detailed or vague as you like :)

It helps to have some direction so that I may focus more easily. Depending on your beliefs and connections, it could be something like:

"What does my soul want me to know about ... ?"

"What is blocking my progress in ... ?"

"What is a message for me at this time about ... ?"

"What messages are there for me from my Spirit or Universal helpers?" (about a specific topic, an aspect of your life, or in general).

It could also be a:

Request for information about a decision or topic that is on your mind.

Request for information about a relationship or an aspect of a relationship.

Oracle card Chakra reading about each of the seven chakra energy centres.


Through the oracle card reading, we write onto the diary of your life. The entry might bring awareness and insight, the start of a shift. Or it might be the source of knowledge and feelings to help move you to action.

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