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Your story, creative, and magic - August guidance reading

Oracle Intuitive Guidance for August 2019


This month’s guidance card comes from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn. It felt quite surprising and also quite important that it would come from this deck (of course all the decks are important! This one just has a different power feel for me). It is all interconnected with the big July month that many experienced plus the 8-8 date in August which has some serious magic energy in it!


It feels like this card has card come up a few times over the last few months so very interesting that it comes up again to guide us. It is a beautiful, fascinating, and deep card as many are in this deck. Let’s go into it.

Through the month of July there has been a great opportunity to delve into what is working and what is not working in life. It has been an opportunity to see where you have been a bit stuck in the mud and to see where you were rising up towards the light. The chances for this are of course, never done! You have the chance and the choice to continue that part of your journey always. Each person is unique in how they get to different aspects of life and when. And then certain energies of the planets, the moon, the sun, and what is happening here on Earth also play into it.

What is the story you have been telling yourself about your life that just does not ring true anymore. This could be about life in general or a very specific part of your life. It will come to many of you pretty quickly, not necessarily requiring a lot of deep thought and reflection. That is what it is now time to edit and reframe within your story. Use the flames in the centre of this picture to burn up what is not fitting anymore (burning figuratively, or if you use paper and safely burn it). The flames connect with you on a very deep level. You know, that part of you that whispers and knows stuff about you and your life that other parts of you sometimes (or often) ignore.

You have way more power than you think you do to make changes and improvements in your life. When you sit and zone out, you are just trying to survive, just trying to get by. But when you connect in and notice things, feel things, embrace life, you are working at a level that gives you choice and opportunity. The more people who engage in this, the more there will be options to progress and change as a united whole.

See those wonderful colours in the sky? See those sparkling stars? These are the magical parts of life, the mystical aspects. These are the concepts of manifesting and creating. Do you believe in any of this? If yes, then see where your day to day living is expressing that belief. And see where your day to day living is completely separate from any creative magic. It starts with one decision to notice and to act with some belief.

For those who do not believe, for those who do not see their lives with any kind of magic, manifesting capacity, or creative energy… first, they are probably not reading this  … but if they are, welcome! (or those needing a refresher, welcome!) Good for you! Opening to possibilities is an amazing step! You are engaging with the story of your life, not being run over by it. Now, look at your life. Pick one area you would like to improve in your life, something you would like to be better or to feel better. Got it? Great. As your energy is with that area to improve, let your mind wander… let imagination play… and jot down whatever comes to you around improving that area of your life. Anything and everything, write it down or doodle the image that comes to you, the idea. Maybe it doesn’t make sense, maybe it doesn’t seem possible, that is not what is important right now. What is important is that you are allowing your whole system to communicate with you and to find possibilities. These words, ideas, and symbols should feel good as they come to you. They may scare you in the sense of “What the?” or “How would that work?” but they should not feel judgemental or critical. Those would more be your mind in a usual pattern and not seeing the way forward. Thank your brain for being the ever present protector and let it know you are getting ideas, you are playing in magical avenues and creative veins right now. Do this for any area of life, small or large, simple or challenging, expected or unexpected, that you would like to improve. Creative flow. Just let it flow. This is like the brainstorming that can happen when an author starts to get a story together, the characters, certain scenes, certain themes, location, time, etc. It just all flows out and then structure and design comes later.

And now, breathe… look into the fire… see its flowing colours and shapes, feel its heat. What do you love? What do you really love? This is asking you to really identify in your life, what you love. Maybe it is people or things. Maybe it is a place or an activity. Maybe multiples of all of these. Let yourself realize and know what you love. Let yourself feel it. As if you are sitting in your favourite spot in the world (experienced or imagined), with the type of fire you enjoy, sitting in a way you feel so completely you, feeling the air you long to feel, seeing the view that vibrates into your being, and with the water that best represents your joy (stream, lake, pool, waterfall, iceberg, glass of water…;), and then you feel love. Deep and amazing love.

You are complete in this space and time. You are feeling love and holding it in this moment. You are the teller of your story and you are the one living your story. Make it the one that is your truest You right now. It is not about big and bold, although that is great too, it is about true and You. Light yourself up and let the real magic of your essence be present in your life whenever and wherever you want and you can. Bringing out the garbage can be a magical experience, hearing the birds, being grateful for the care of the town, thankful for the products you used, knowing how you want to improve life as you walk to the bin, smiling as you see the sky and the trees, feeling the joy of the child’s laughter nearby…

You are the highlight of your life, the spotlight and the star. Why not enjoy some of it? Create and be present in your story while you manifest your next chapter. Your footprints in the sand are so incredibly valuable and unique. Only you can create them and they tell your story on this beautiful beach.

with love,



with creative support and guidance of the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by and available through


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