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Work & money reading

Hello Beautiful Souls,

This past Monday felt as though it had its own particular energy that some of us become a part of. I wonder as the second Monday after the holiday break, whether for some, it was all becoming more real? For some this reality is wondrous and inspiring, for others it may have brought about feelings of more intensity and heaviness (even a lot more!). As the week is progressing, there may be feelings of relief at the upcoming weekend; this relief is in itself huge communication. I myself have found a particular need to observe my self-talk this week and be aware of my perceptions around the word “work” and all it involves. On Monday I was called to reflect on the idea of work: day at work, week at work, goals at work, goals for income, needs with work, dream work, dream income, perception of work, money… and I have continued to reflect on this throughout the week so far. With these possible topics, here is the resulting card reading. Even though it was created on a different day, it feels just as relevant and important to share. I myself am re-reading its insights again & will likely more than once. I hope it is helpful to you as well.

Light blessings,



Background music & image: Denise Linn’s 1st-Base Chakra portal at

Stones: Auralite, Selenite, Citrine

Cards: Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through & and the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through


Eagle –Communion


There is a sacred component to every task we undertake from the most perceived as mundane to that we see as the most valued. A challenge of this time for many is to feel that sense of the sacred, to be recognized in it and to be allowed to bring their work forward in it. The calling to be of good to ourselves and to others can and must occur on all levels of task, the perception of value needs to shift so that all are equal in their joy and benefit in their “work”. This needs to come from the top and the bottom simultaneously with communication becoming that which connects and that which gives voice to the sacred where it has had very little voice before.

See the sacredness of your tasks. Allow it to shift from frustration and negative stresses to power and joy through accomplishment, gratitude, and yes, communication.




For many, this is a time to question work source, income source, life plan and service plans. Remember that on many levels abundance is right beside you and right inside you. Your assessment of it may not be the same as the universal force’s and in some ways your assessment of it may not be the same as it was yesterday! This is where your clarity helps your life flow. As you see and pay attention to the moments in today, to the feelings you have, to the experiences you are a part of, the flow can more easily find you and help guide your path. Through reflection today, you shed light on your greatest desires and that clarity helps you feel where you flow, where you will shift, and where you will learn. Gratitude is a step that gives you vision on what is most valuable to you. That which is precious to you deserves your time and attention even if simply in the breath of the moment.


Abundant blessings.


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