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Woman's Day Poem

When inspiration hits, it is the most amazing feeling. I was doing business work this morning, at a pause between tasks, and I popped onto Facebook. My timeline filled with inspirational and supportive posts from friends, colleagues, and work connections for International Women's Day. It is wonderful when you can feel the energy of support and witness the journey of women within a few quick moments online. 

I thought about a reading... and then took a blank page of the loose leaf paper that was in front of me and wrote Woman's Day on the top and the date. I stepped away from the table for some tea, asking, reaching out to inspiration and guidance to see if there was a poem ready to be written, asking for the first line, which is often the way my poetry makes itself known to me. I know now that the poem was already written, combining my heart and hand with all that is energy and spirit to bring it out of the unseen onto paper, and now into the ether which is the internet. 

Whether it feels as powerful to others as it does to me I realize is just me hoping that others will love it and wanting support myself, but in reality I knew the second I read it outloud when It was finished that my work with it was successful and complete. Tears filled my eyes and I clapped in appreciation as if I had just witnessed a wonderful creative performance (those who know me could totally picture me clapping in celebration!!). 

If you would like to hear me read the poem, you are welcome to view it on my YouTube channel BlueWater Oracle at this link:

Wishing you wisdom, support, peace, joy, and love from the core of your essence,


Woman’s Day

a softness and a strength

comes through her body.

wisdom of the ages

held in each gene

and every unit of DNA.

the force of love

a part of her heart

as much as each action

she takes

and each movement

she makes,

whether she has learned

to embrace it

or not,

it is there;

loving her from the inside

even when she feels

she cannot love herself.

she opens up

flinging her arms wide

at her sides

breathing deep into her lungs,

down into the core

of her essence,

her womanhood.

then the fountain

is touched.

it flows voraciously

streaming out in energy

and in regal vitality

knowing more of her power

and more of her journey

than she knows herself.

it flows inwardly

like roots and vines

carrying life and connection.

it flows out

to bloom like

a magnificent dress,

layers and layers

catching the rays of light,

seeking the birth through water,

shedding and creating

in a continual dance

between her own self

and everything she contacts.

what more joy is there

than a mother

feeling life abound from her,

laughing with its joys,

nurturing its learning,

and feeling it all

every step of the way.

this is Woman,

Mother to all

even if only mother to self -

the most important

birth and love

of all.

by Sheila Bicknell

March 8, 2017


mobile 514-573-4740

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