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Welcome to Spring!

Green tea in hand, I look outside to a snow-covered landscape. Spring comes in stages here as everywhere. Blossoming happens when it happens. There are trends and tendencies but the actual arrival and the features that make up that arrival are unique to each region and each day. Much like each human, the timing of when we move from the Winter and into the Spring of each season of our lives varies from person to person. It cannot and will not be rushed. It asks to be embraced as in all other aspects of our lives, experienced, learned from & with, and cherished, one moment at a time.


New Moon – Promise

Spring for many is a time of new beginnings. It just feels natural; it feels in line with the creation of life and the bond with the natural world we live in. As this season starts and progresses, take the time to notice what is happening around you and within you. When do the leaves start to blossom, what birds come back, what is the first insect you see, does the sun feel warmer, do you feel more energized…? In this season there is a promise of new beginnings, it is a given. Life is created, re-created, and seemingly brought back to life. It is also an invitation to make promises, in this case, and invitation to make promises to yourself. As you observe vibrancy, decide how you will promise to observe and live with this Spring energy. Self-care is important and vital. What does it represent to you? What promises will you make for yourself? Remember here that there is never judgement from your highest self, so choose what works for you, what will work for you, what will invite you to feel good and well and full of joy!


Mountain – Strength

Under every Springtime, is the energy of Winter. It has held in the cool air and the cold ground, life in balance. It shows the strong from the weak, it shows kindness where some would bring only cruelty. It is a season that many forget easily and push forward into Spring. This is a time though, to remember your strengths, to bring them forward and give them attention. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Others see it, others may even use your strength to help their own, but you have it, inside, and you know this. As if you stand with the strength of the mountain behind you, the solid nourishing ground beneath you, the full flowing water next to you, and the fresh whispering wind around you, you are able to feel strong, to be strong, for all your needs, your journeys, your encounters, your experiences, and your adventures. You are strong and you are supported. Bring this Winter strength forward with you as you step into Spring. You will feel it and know you are more connected because of it.


Blessings to you on this fine Spring day!



PS: This is also a time of Fairies! They are stretching with the new sun warmth and they are ready to help you manifest what you desire in exchange for care and attention to all things natural as well as kindness in your home and in your heart. “Smile,” they say, “it is not as serious as all that, smile and play!” 



This message was received with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available on and

Background inspiration music “Spring Charm” by Adrian Von Ziegler, available on YouTube.


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