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Weekend Reading - from Power to Play to Beauty...

With thunder and rain storms rolling about, the notion of Power is coming up strongly. The Lightning - Power caught my eye twice today while shuffling cards and now it is reflected in the background of the first of the two cards I have pulled today for the weekend ahead. Personal Power. This is actually the second time I pulled the Childhood - Innocence card today, same message so it really wanted to come through!

Have a wonderful, playful & beautiful weekend!


Childhood - Innocence

Look and approach this weekend with some of the childlike innocence you used to have - the joy, the freedom, the playfulness, the imagination, the zest for exploration. Yes there are tasks to do and responsibilities to manage, but perhaps they can be done with a more lively attitude or perhaps there are some that do not HAVE to be done right this moment, opening up space for some creation and fun.


We hear the phrase "Stop and smell the roses". Well here it is a reminder to "Stop and notice the beauty", even to the point of feeling the beauty. Notice the beauty of flowers, of trees, of the person you are with, of a stranger you see, of a circumstance you are in, of the clouds, your own beauty... let the beauty, true beauty shine through and reach out to touch you. It is always there, so now notice. How does it make you feel? What resonates within you? As this happens, your beauty will run deeper and will extend further to touch another. The ripples will open like the petals of a flower that is coming into full bloom. Savour the beauty and breathe it into and from your heart. 

Reading using the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through & and the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through

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