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We Celebrate

As we head into the holiday season which started with the Winter Solstice & Yule here, and Christmas fast approaching, the true meanings of these kind of gatherings and celebrations becomes very important. What ever you are celebrating and at what ever time of year, I wish you and yours well.

Here is my most recent poem entitled "We Celebrate". Please see the link below to listen to my reading of it.

Light blessings,


We Celebrate


We celebrate;

gathering together

to honour the times,

remember the traditions,

and be a part of what is important.

We search for the meaning

of it all,

of all our days,

all our questions,

and how we live each moment.

The meaning of times long gone

and how today connects to then.

What is forgotten returns in stories,

in gatherings with those we love

and those who cross our paths.

What was learned fills our thoughts

and enhances our future.

We celebrate all that we have

in gratitude for our many blessings,

for the joys and the sorrows,

for the light and the dark,

and all that fills our hearts.

Joyous and beautiful we stand

in peace and hope and love.

Sending abundant tidings

from our space to theirs.

With all of our gifts

and all of our treasures,

wrapped in kindness,

we wish them well.

From today forward,

we celebrate

one and all.

by Sheila Bicknell                           December 2016 

mobile 514-573-4740         

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