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Water relationship reading

Water Wednesday

Water preservation and respect is a huge topic in this day and age of climate change, pollution, over fishing, and water waste. I believe that many people don’t think about it much, a symptom of just trying to survive, of not having enough time, and of fears about what can really be done. It is so important, even if we are not sure of the impact we can have, there is always something we can do.

When I pulled a card the end of April about local flooding situations, we received the Lightning – Power card. Tuning in today to see what other messages we would get for our relationship with water, I am again going to the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Thank you for joining me. Remember to listen to your inner wisdom as well as we take these moments to connect.

Our relationship with water, water respect and preservation… what do we need to know today?

Lotus Flower – Unfoldment

We hold the connection with water in our hands the same way we hold every aspect of our life. Some parts are within our control and some parts are affected by other people and circumstances. Hold on and impact those parts you feel you are able to. Push your comfort zone a little to learn more, to do more, to understand more, and to feel you are connecting more.

Perhaps you remind yourself to turn off the tap in between activities to not use more than you really need. Perhaps you collect water that falls magically from the sky to keep plants and outdoor animals hydrated. Perhaps you listen to the news about water levels for watering in your region. Perhaps you bless and feel gratitude for every drop of water that crosses your lips. Perhaps you join campaigns to protect local and international water ways and water sources. Perhaps you start a movement to bring reusable vessels for water and coffee drinking at your workplace. Whether your actions and understanding are local to inside your home or gain momentum to impact international situations, each action and each drop of knowledge used is of great value.

The acknowledgement of your own connection with water is important. What you consume, how you consume it, and how much impacts you. Do you recognize how much of yourself is made up of water? How it flows in each cell of your being? Every step you take, every thought, every breath, is powered by water, by what fluid allows and brings into your life. Recognize this as you look out onto the puddle in your yard, to the river that flows, and the lake that is full. See their value, each in their own way.

Honour each tear that is released from your eyes, allowing you to know a deeper level of joy, compassion, sadness, or grief. These tears are not to be brushed aside randomly but should be embraced with respect. That is a first step for many people to connect with water. It is a way to show them their own water within, water they may not otherwise notice or want to recognize. It ties in the emotions, those parts of us that are deep and wise but are all too often ignored or feared. Like the power of the water, these too have power. They can be understood, respected, and utilized, much like the water. They can help us grow into ourselves.

What is your inner water connection unfolding for you? What is your outer water connection unfolding in your life? Where do you feel the needs to heal, the needs to connect, and the needs to take action?

Bless you beautiful water child, of earth and sky, water and fire, spirit and nature, bless you.

With help from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, and

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