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Value & Importance through the Ceremony of Connecting With Yourself - March Intuitive Wisdom Guidanc

March Intuitive Wisdom Guidance for the Month 2021


Ceremony – Invocation


This month of March comes in with a sense of renewed vigor for all that is of highest value and importance. For each and every one, it is to identify and verify their own appreciation and deep requirements within this. These ask a sense of purpose about one’s own life but also one’s place in the greater All, the family, community, and the whole.


How do you know what is of highest value to you? How do you know what is of greatest importance? These may seem obvious on first glance but pause… give yourself a pause to breathe, to ask, and to listen. These may be life aspects you have been pondering and developing with for a long time or you may find it is as clear as crystal the moment you inquire. Pause the process and let it create behind the scenes in your life as well as in what comes to you, what is shown to you, and what your impressions & feeling are.


You may notice that you have highest value and greatest importance from the perspective of the brain working in the immediate day. What you need today. You may notice it from the brain that knows and recognizes the longer term. What you need in a longer duration. You may notice value and importance from your emotional self. Feeling what is needed for you. You may also notice it all from a greater perspective whether you call it from spirit or energy or the universe. And on and on. Together, combining and recognizing these, you gain a fullness of value and importance that shows you depths in the immediate as well as actions forward.


One way to find the highest value and greatest importance in the now and to create & live forward is to create ceremony. These are practices that come in for specific purpose. They can be done regularly or when they feel of most need. They can be of specific form or established in the moment. The point to remember is that they bring connection.


Does the human need to connect with something other than themselves? Often they do certainly, but is it really needed? Let this sink in as an inquiry. Do you need to connect in ceremony with something other than yourself? The answer for many is yes, the answer for others is no. An additional question to ponder for guidance on this is: What is connecting with yourself?


Think of yourself and all of the humans you know. How many are connected with themselves? Yes you all walk around with yourself, but how many are connected with themselves, to themselves? Ah this is something to bring your awareness into. What does it mean to connect with yourself? Could that be your most important ceremony?


As you connect with and get to know yourself, you are welcoming powerful insights. The whole of you: your body, your breath, your blood flow, your systems, your emotions, your intellect, your spirit, your loves, your challenges, your ideas, your beliefs, your values, your worth, your health, your blockages, your dreams, your fears, your You. All of you. When you truly come into connection with all of you, you will see yourself and the world in such amazing colour.


To come into connection with yourself, you will see the world within you. The ecosystems, the body systems, the belief systems, the needs, the desires, just to name a few. You will see how you are the same as other humans and vastly unique at the same time. You will see how you are completely different than a tree but also the same. And so on and so on. The world within you becomes the world around you and vice versa.


Your ceremony will be to know your own encyclopedia, university, and world, which then helps you to understand all the others. With that, you will bring options without judgement, rash actions, harsh words, or disconnected expectations. Those come out of walking separate from ourselves, from our true selves. When we are separate we can blame too easily and complain too easily. When we are separate we can avoid too easily and numb too easily. When we are separate we wear false lenses that distort what we see as well as how we live.


For those who ask about connecting with the “higher” or the divine and the necessity of it. The question response to reflect on would be: Do you think that connecting with all that makes up you so you better understand yourself giving you greater compassion for you own life and the lives of all around you, including all of the world you live in, is connecting with the divine of life?


The higher and the divine are within you, they are a part of you as they are a part of all things. When you invite in ceremony to connect with yourself, in whatever format you choose, to come into deep knowing of yourself, you invite in automatically all that is higher and divine. To always and only seek them outside of yourself, is to deny one aspect of the great existence.


Allow what is of highest value to you and of greatest importance to come through the ceremony of connecting with yourself, all of yourself. Through that, in all its ways, forms, and actions, you will bring forward what is truly most of value and what is honourably most important.


With deep connection and appreciation for all that you are,



and divine masteries of wisdom energies with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.


The Earth Magic Oracle Cards are by Steven Farmer and published by Hay House.




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