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The Empress - October Oracle Intuitive Card Reading 2023

For some, the end of October brings new year energy with the Celtic cycle and Samhain. Of course, it also has Halloween energy. For others it is simply part of Autumn or Fall. And in the southern hemisphere it is Spring!

With this month’s card, as part of our Year Wheel journey, we receive more Divine Feminine energy with The Empress!

This year wheel series of readings shows us into the windows and doorways of the possibilities for the year energy. It allows the possibilities of what a year wants to bring and wants us to pay attention to. This year so far we have received cards of family (10 of Cups), Gaia – Nurturing (Mother Earth), the Queen of Cups, the Queen of Wands, and now The Empress. This month, October, in the northern hemisphere is a really powerful month in terms of energy. It is Autumn, Thanksgiving for us here in Canada with gratitude for the harvest, and then Halloween & Samhain connecting with ancestors and the spiritual world. And then it is brought back into the connection through The Empress to all things heavens & spirit and all things Earth, the High Mother. She is holding the feminine sign and has all the signs of the zodiac around her. She is looking down onto the Earth where we know Gaia is present, planet Earth, often referred to in the feminine.

In October, we are looking at what has been created, what do we want to create, what do we need to create. Saying to self: What is in my power to bring forward the energy of the Great Mother? If one is a more male energy, one would look at one’s fathering, how is my being in father energy, what do I need to heal from my father journey, from my mother journey as well, and how am I representing that parenting onto others, how am I representing that care for my family, for the land, for myself, and for the world. The feminine takes all of that as well from the mother side. And then they each cross over because we all have both components within, male and female, masculine and feminine.

The Empress is powerful, she is beautiful, and she is representing that connection between spirit and High Earth, Mother Earth, Gaia. Remember that within yourself you have all things. You have divine masculine and divine feminine. You have all the signs of the zodiac within your chart - you have your primaries and others that are important to you. They are all parts of who you are. You have the cycles you are in, the season, the month. You have your stage in life cycle. You have where you are in your work cycle – where you are at with work. They are all part of you. Finding that balance so she can come in and create with you is so utterly powerful and fabulously beautiful that it does not want to be ignored, it does not want to be missed. It wants to come in for you and to be brought into yourself. Allow it!

There is healing to be done in this month, October 2023. There is opportunity for creation. There is high awareness of the balance of ALL that you are. If you feel you are missing parts of you or parts of you need healing, this is the time, if it has not already happened, to strongly look at it. If it is has already happened then bring that gratitude in. Fill yourself with the abundance of the Empress energy and allow all those cups to be refilled again if not already full for the 10 cups of the January card.

Love it! Very powerful! I wish I could give you the feeling, to convey the degree to which this Empress card brings power. This month it comes from the creative, from the divine feminine, and from the nurturing place we have also seen with other cards so far this year – the underlining themes!

And so it is,


BlueWater Oracle

The October reading was done by Sheila Bicknell – BlueWater Oracle, working with the Gilded Tarot cards by Ciro Marchetti, published by Llewellyn. This is a written version of the original video of the Year Wheel recorded in December 2023, available on the BlueWater Oracle channel on YouTube here:

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