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"The Dark" on this New Moon day

In deep conversation with the dark today, this was created. 

Grateful for the introspection and connection that is received, gained, and experienced.

There might need to be a little more punctuation adjustments to it but here's the flow for now! I have recorded an audio version which I hope I can add here too below if you prefer to listen. (will probably not work on Macs or iPhones as it requires Adobe Flash Player based on my web creator tools - sorry about that!)

Thank you New Moon for sharing the wisdom of The Dark


The Dark 

And I will speak

where my heart flows

into the journey of the night.

The dark grows around me.

It is something that soothes

when it is needed,

heals when it must,

and creates order where there is chaos.

The more I hold the shadow

in my hands

the more I am in touch

with all that I am.

It scares me to be so raw;

to be so open that I can see

through myself

into the power that is deep inside.

To feel into that which

does not want to be touched,

that which holds itself tight,

is to illuminate me

within my own dark moments.

They are all a part of me

and of this wild ride.

Within the shifts and turns,

within the waves and washes,

the dark is opened to the light.

All that hurts is nurtured to heal,

all that resists is released,

and all that constricts is blasted open.

One item at a time,

one fibre and one crescent moon

until I am full

to hold myself

and to see the dark in new ways.

Ways that are bright and expansive.

I balance this shadow and light

with quiet and with words.

They each know the play.

A script that was written

before I could read

and is now being read

without me always being conscious

of its direction and wisdom.

But I am learning.

Deep, deep within,

my own wisdom flourishes.

Who says life does not thrive in the dark?

It is just another way

with another language

and different points to touch.

In this dark I am asked to trust,

to know who I am

and to know that I am created

in this glorious balance,

so that I may see where the balance

is so desperately needed in others

and for others.

I whisper from my dark space

so they hear, so they see a spark of light.

Something so fantastic

to catch their breath and bring them pause,

to readjust and align,

to feel the love and the light

even within their own shadow.

As tears bring the water of oceans

into our earthly life

they wash away what is done

and invite in the fresh and new.

As reflections are cast in a pool of water

so are they seen in the dark.

As the light starts its way in

I reflect on what is needed,

on what is ready to be felt and learned.

I reflect on who I am, really,

on what is actually of great importance,

and what is just part of the story

being told at the same time

as I live.

Hello deep darkness.

You who brings me voice

when I think I have none.

You who lets me see inside

when I feel I am blinded

by daily life and uncertainty.

You who provides and allows

a most valued connection

with myself

and with all there is.

In the dark I touch my heart

and it radiates beautifully

to reach all that I may have forgotten,

so I feel and know my truth,

and heal all the nets

that caught me along the way.

In this journey of the night

I am reborn,

fragile and new

but also strong and determined.

Creator of many experiences

and one who lives

a full, true,

vast, and expansive life.

From dark into light.

From chaos into calm.

From alone into connected,

I am one,


Walking with shadow,

embracing all that I am,

and knowing

I am waking to a new day

from a most valuable night.

By Sheila Bicknell

March 6, 2019

Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.

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