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Systems of a Whole Oracle Card Reading

Hi! I hope you had a great weekend and that Monday is treating you well.

To help you in this phase, as we move from July to August, here is today’s oracle card reading. I really left this one open to bring whatever was most in need. It speaks about our many systems and how we can gain insights about what is going on and where within us… As always, pay attention to your own insights and guidance as you look at the card and read the words. You have your own wisdom!


Lotus Flower – Unfoldment

It takes each single petal of a flower to make the whole vision. They each have their space and task. Like the flower, you have many components. Each one is necessary to make up the whole, to make the complete you. We are blessed that our whole works in many circumstances, very well, even if there is not ideal energy present in all the parts. Sometimes this will affect our capacities, our abilities, and how we feel in this system of ours. Whether it is a physical aspect, a psychological, or a spiritual, it has a source and it has a way of showing itself. What seems the most crucial for you today? If you had a huge dash panel showing your systems, needs, and workings, would there be indicator lights on or flashing suggesting attention is required? If so, where is it showing itself, in what part or system? Where is the indicator light(s)? Is it a warning or a suggestion? If there is more than one, which one is the priority? Notice it, notice which system it is in. Now, trace its source, its true source, not the “easier if I tell myself this” source. Hold that knowledge, get used to the idea, and get used to the information. It may be something on the surface or deep, deep within. It may even be something sitting outside you, in a field of energy. Notice. By having that component in a state of “need” or “warning” or “suggestion”, it may be affecting parts of you, other parts of you, and other parts of your life. Notice the effects(s).

By holding space for this awareness and knowledge you are opening up to the potential to learn, realize, reflect, and heal, in the way(s) that are appropriate purely to you. You are supporting yourself and inviting other support on your behalf for you and your life. Then, those next steps may be started as is best for you and through you.

Blessed be.

Oracle card reading by Sheila Bicknell, BlueWater Oracle, featuring the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer available through Some new stones came to play for this reading: Moonstone (rough), Dragonstone (apparently a combination of Epidote and Red Piedmontite), and Mookaite (also called Australian Jasper).

Personal, individual readings available. Email to schedule yours at

Written readings also make excellent gifts for friends and loved ones, giving them something meaningful and helpful. Please email to request.

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