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Summer's Rain

The Summer Solstice this year felt like a very strong day to me, full of meaning and energy. With that, I found myself writing a poem about what I was experiencing that day. Since then, I have had an inkling to add it to this page and it has stayed with me... so taking the hint, here it is!

I hope you enjoy the read


Summer's Rain

I welcome you

dear Summer's rain.

How you float down

from heavy rich clouds

through humid full air

to land on expectant ground.

Here you nourish.

Here you soak.

You bring life where dryness was,

allowing growth and vitality

to flourish.

Newness can blossom

and creation can take form

in its many ways.

The day was full of waiting

for your arrival.

Warmth rising from the earth,

meeting with the sun.

Hazy and lazy

in a sensuous embrace.

Energy drawing a balance

between light, heat,

and wondrous water.

And here, now,

as the sun sets on the longest day

you sprinkle from above.

Through the leaves,

passing the branches,

down to the ground.

To the vegetation,

to the creatures

dependent on you for survival.

Hear some sing in rejoice,

others safe and sheltered

to reap your rewards on the morrow.

Light shifts through the moving clouds

as dusk gives way to night.

Playful nature of the day

changes to mysterious adventures

by starlight;

by firefly lights flickering in the dark

as thunder announces the lighting from above.

Your melodious sounds hit every inch

of land.

Raindrops to touch.

Rivulets to cascade.

I greet you with respect

and leave you to your task

of watering and cooling

on this night,

this first Summer's night.

By frog song

and dripping sounds

we sleep.


a first Summer's day


By Sheila Bicknell

Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.



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