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Stand in your truth - Reading

Today's card, for this day and the week ahead.

Blessings to you!


Stone People - Vigilance

As the brightness of this day flows through you and into your life, stay true to yourself and your causes, interests, and calling. It is easy to see and think ideas and messages that we take as "shoulds" but somewhere in beautiful deep feeling and knowing, we know our truth, we know our own meaning and journey. If we were to say to a stone "You are a tree" or "You are a bird", the stone may recognize our try to help, our good intentions or our selfish ones depending on the person & time, but then the stone would settle back into the ground for a moment, feel the vibration of the earth, the air, itself, breathe into the knowing, and say "Thank you. I know I am Stone. I wish you well." and continue its journey of existence.

Be vigilant in your life, to lead yourself, respect yourself, and be respectful of others even if they present you with "shoulds". This is done while knowing we are all connected, but while living our own lives, in our own truth. Where is your blue sky? How does your strong stone self feel? Stand in your truth, let it rise up from the deep and the whole to guide you and to reassure you when it feels the tides are challenging. They may not know they are challenging, they just are.


Oracle reading with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, &

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