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Simplicity, Flying Free and in Flow - February Intuitive Guidance 2021

February Intuitive Guidance 2021


Flying Free

“I unfurl my wings and fly!”


What a beautiful card for our month of February, the second month of our calendar year.


This card comes in with a feeling to keep things simple this February, including the message of guidance. The simple message for this month is that you control the action of flying in freedom. You do this in cooperation with the community, the universe, spirit, and the elements you are living with and a part of.


How does that feel? What comes up to you as you read that guidance and come into connection with it?


It is simple but that does not mean it is obvious to everyone or easy for everyone. Noticing what comes up through it for you will be very important this month and more so at the beginning to help you out.


Think of how you see a bird in flight. They each have their specific wing formations and techniques and have to work with what is part of their body and their skills. They will have times to flap and bring in the action of flight and they will have times to soar or glide working with the air and the temperatures. You also have your own skills and natural body make up and then you can add other capacities and techniques to your living dance. Sometimes you will be in moments where you are riding the waves of the air, riding the bird if you like, as seen in this card. At other moments you will be in action to create movement, to create freedom in whatever way is most important to you. You may need to hold on to the bird at times to keep with the moment or you may be able to sit up, open your arms, and enjoy the ride.


In some ways it may seem as though freedom is only in the soaring and gliding phases but this is an illusion. Freedom is as much in the action and in the creation as in the peace of riding the currents. The flow is present in all aspect. You get the task of realizing and recognizing this. Finding your flow whether you are flapping your wings or surfing the skies is part of your guidance this month.


One way to help you do this is to bring in more simplicity. Take a look around you, wherever you are. What areas are showing themselves as simple for you and what areas are showing as complicated? Notice how each of them feels to you and notice how your body and brain respond to them. Where does freedom fly and flow, and where does it feel stuck and tied down?


Now, take a few deep breaths, putting your hands on your heart and on your belly. Breathe. As you continue to breathe, welcoming in the connection and communication of the body, mind, heart, gut, intuition, and spirit selves, notice where you feel simplicity and where you feel complication. In this case, complication is not in the intricacies of the natural body workings but of you as your complete person. Which parts bring in more drama and more complication? And why? What is one thing you can do, one flapping wing action if you like, to bring in the freedom of simplicity to those areas for yourself?


As you embark on anything today and this month, bring in the concepts of simplicity and freedom. Welcome in action when it feels simple to you, clear and concise, meaning it does not get weighed down with tons of complicated strings to dissect. If the complication comes in, take a step back and see what will be shown to you in a more simple direct way. This does not mean it will always feel easy, it may require effort but even in that there will be a simple freedom that flows. Think of a bird flapping to get to a specific height in the sky and then catching the wind for where it wants to go or how it wants to glide.


And if the flight catches the wind in enormous and wondrous ways, hold on and enjoy the ride. Yes it might bring some kind of nervous excitement or even bring up levels of fear for you but there will also be flow in action and inspiration whether you think you are in charge of it or not. These are the moments when you are reminded of the connection and interconnection with all that is within you and all around you: universe, energy, community, elements, and spirit. These reminders happen all the time but it is in the bigger moments when you feel you just need to hang on, that you will really know it. Allow yourself to notice and know the other times you can sense and see the connections through the simplicity, the flying free, and the freedom flow. Remember that you have action on your side as well, as it creates movement and freedom in whatever flight you need and desire right now.


With love, as simple as that,



and Divine guidance with the Gateway Oracle Cards.


The Gateway Oracle Cards are by Denise Linn and published by Hay House.




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