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Shifting Times: New Moon & Solar Eclipse Reading

The day is here, so many people chatting about it! New Moon and Solar Eclipse. May it release darkness where it is no longer needed and bring light to what is of the highest value for progress, rising up, and living true joy.

My cards all wanted to come out today, so the energy is indeed high and shifting. I can even feel other decks I have around home wanting to be noticed and to play in these oracle moments. Let’s see what comes up for us on this special day. And remember, if you do not feel anything special about this day, there is nothing wrong with you! We all connect in our own ways, in our own times. Respect yourself and your needs. Your whispers may come in different ways with different purpose. Honour that.

I have felt a particular connection with the images, wisdom, and energies of Aboriginal Peoples recently, particularly the Mohawk whose history and blood is in the land I now reside on, so background music for this reading has this inspiration and vibration. Found on YouTube:

Desert – Vision Quest

The quest is here, the time for visions-only has past. While we will always receive visions and spend time in meditation and seeking, there is also a time for action and for stepping up and into the quest. That time is now, that time is here. When we are aware we are embarking on a quest, we can plan. There are maps, there are bags, and there are provisions. At this time though, many will feel that they are stepping out into the desert with little or no supplies accompanying them. There is freedom in this but there is also fear and worry. Send the fear and worry out to the surroundings. Give it to the ground, the land you walk on. Give it to the air so it can be carried with the winds. Send it into the water, even if the water is deep and hard to find. Give it to Spirit so “all that is” will be by your side and helping to take the load of the journey, reminding you of all the beauty that surrounds your travels and assisting you as you need. When you cannot see forward, take a step, any step, and feel the vision. As you feel it so will you see the next step to take and the essence of the bigger vision will come to you even if only in your senses but not in your thought knowledge. Trust and keep stepping. Look up to see the journey, the horizon, and what is right beside you. Glance down to see where you place your feet but do not dwell there, they follow the vision and the quest.


“I unconditionally accept, cherish, and love myself just as I am.”

In order to be able to step forward and experience life as you really desire it, you must start within yourself. Do you accept yourself today, with all your strengths, with all your peculiarities, with all your history, with your body and mind, do you accept yourself today? Then show this for yourself by cherishing you and your life. Walk out into it with new eyes. Let the light of the day shed new perspectives and perceptions on your usual existence. From you all things are possible. Some may say that it is “dreamlike” to think that the heart is able to solve the challenges in this world of ours. However what is the expression most people seek to the highest order? Love. Love of family, animals, partners, home, work, cars… it is all love, some purer than others perhaps but it is love. Without it, the “things” have no real value other than helping our survival. What if we could survive while feeling love, living in love, and feeling true joy? It starts within you.

Igniting Courage

“I am strong, valiant, and courageous.”

Today is the day when we start a new dimension of courage. Courage with the highest truth. This is not a courage that gets flaunted and has no substance behind it. This is true courage. It comes from the highest good for the individual with understanding and compassion for the highest good of all. This highest good spreads far beyond the humans as they end up really being the symptoms of the total. Their care, their survival, their well-being, their connection, their kindness are all symptoms. At this time though, the humans are also the solution. It is time to step up, to leap up in fact so that the world and all it encompasses become aligned. Is this easy? Not in the multiple choice test kind of easy way, no. And yet it is so easy many people pass right by it, pass right over it. Kindness, generosity, care, sharing, learning together, compassion, reflection… these are all within each human and they are the keys. When the banner is taken up, the one holding it is now being asked to verify their intention, verify their impact, verify what they are igniting. Often this will need to be a team effort so that no one carries more and so that no one is presumptive in their mission. True courage, courage that impacts all and that gains strength and value with each step versus tearing down, debilitating, and causing concern and harm.

Spirit Keeper of the North

In every day there is a night. In every night there is light. In every winter there is summer. In every summer there is winter. They are all unique, distinct, and important. The moon is always there whether we can see it or not from our position and timing on Earth. Within each adult is a child. Within each child is an adult. The knowing of “Oneness” is becoming more and more present. It is also becoming more and more needed for the course of the world and of human kind’s impact on it and the universe. Nature is showing us this. It shows us that our impact in one place affects somewhere across the globe. The people who were once far away are now visible and heard within a click. This is good. The winter of our aloneness can come to an end as we embrace each other, energetically, in hope, or in real time with human touch. We have worked enough but there is still much work to do so that all can enjoy the benefits of being One and living in balance together.

This reading was a longer one I know and I deeply appreciate anyone who read it through completely! These recent weeks have been a shifting and changing time for me as well. Listening to my own guidance, strength, skills, and power, I am stepping up. It can feel uncomfortable to push forward and really claim who I am but hopefully my contributions will help to heal and to bring higher guidance for us all.

Star Light and White Eagle Feather blessings to you.

With much love,


BlueWater Oracle

This oracle reading features the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through & and the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards, Gateway Oracle Cards, and Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through

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