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September Guidance - Fairies - Earth Magic

September Guidance Oracle Card 2018

Can you believe it is September? Well yes it is and here we are with our guidance for this month. 

Wishing you well 

- Sheila

Fairies – Earth Magic


For quite a long time, the idea of “magic” has been connected with fantasy, with unreal, with mystical, with conjuring, with gifts, with mystery… and in some cases even with evil or bad. This may all be true in some ways, even the idea of magic being evil or bad because it depends on the use of it, the purpose, and the plan. Those who use it in a way that does not serve the greater good (which can be a perception as well – oh the complications of detail!) can create feelings and situations that are out of the hands of others and are not generating help, joy, happiness, health, etc. Is it the magic that is evil or bad or the person who wields it? Much like money, power, influence, and authority, it is good and wise to observe and question. Perception, meaning, and use is important.


Is magic itself far from what the average human being experiences? The quick answer is yes, most people do not deal with, recognize, or utilize magic. However, does that mean it is not there or that there is a magical aspect to their very existence whether they call it so or not? Is there something magical in the birth of a child, in the growth of a tree, in the sensation of love between two people, as family or in desire, or in the whisper of inner guidance that suggests which way to go? Is there something magical in the gliding of an eagle on the wind, the song of a whale, or the howls between wolves? Is there something magical in the communication of brainwaves and through neurons, of heartbeats and breath, of the sensation of the baby toe and how it helps the body to balance? Is there something magical in a spark of an idea, the pull to create, or the desire to help?


There are now scientific reasons for many of these things as humans continue to progress and learn. Does the deeper understanding and learning make them any less magical or make them even more incredible? In whatever you are undertaking this month, allow it to be magical. Let your thoughts be there to bring you to higher and better. Invite your body to work with you as you work with it. See the wondrous aspects of everyday life held in the most mundane and usual tasks, for even those have magical and amazing qualities in them.


Allow yourself to bring in the magic. Embrace it and utilize it wisely. What you say to another person. How you say it. Whether you smile or not. Whether you notice the incredible clouds in the sky or sparkle on the water. How you feel. What you feel. What you are aiming for and how you get there. Noticing the incredible wonder of each breath and each movement of your body. Noticing this in other people and creatures. Seeing the wisdom in another’s eyes, whether it is wisdom you were seeking or not, whether it is a person you know or not. Noticing the inner knowing you possess, how it expresses itself and how you listen and act on it. These are all aspects of magic, everyday magic, real magic, your magic.


And ask. Ask for magic, hope for it, wish for it, send out desires for it. How will it feel? What will it be like? What is your true magical essence when expressed in the here and now, in the human life with spirit/energy connection? Ask for help from other humans. This can be magical too and will be more and more as each embraces these possibilities. Ask for help from those who are ready to help you too, fairies, guides, angels, dragons, to name a few. All powerful in their own ways and all ready to be a part of your journey and your magic. Show them your vision and they will show you theirs, together progressing forward.


This is an amazing month ahead. See what magic it will bring to you. Open up to it and breathe it in.

What is your magic? What does magic mean to you? To reflect and observe is a great place to start.


Magical light blessings.


Contact me for your own guidance reading. Guidance and support for your life. 

See out of the fog, shift from being stuck, and connect to what is amazing!

Sheila Bicknell - BlueWater Oracle

514-573-4740 (Montreal region, Canada)

This reading is featuring the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, and 

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