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Seeing in the Dark - December Guidance Reading

December Guidance Reading 2019

Each month has its own energy, as does each year. Each person and their lives have their own energy too. This brings many different factors that can play on you and your life. Be open to what is possibly guiding you, what you need, what you are experiencing, and what fills you with joy and love.


December in the Northern hemisphere is a time when the natural light decreases. Daylight hours reduce and nighttime is more present. For those areas with snow, there can seem like a brightness that covers the land even when the light is less. Brightness of the rising or setting sun, reflections of the stars, and light that illuminates the moon for us, all touch on snow for a mystical view mixed with the dark blue of night.


Whether you are in this northern phenomenon or not, this December feels, as it leads to Solstice and other holidays, as a time to use the natural balance of light and dark to help you see. How? Well, if you cannot see with your eyes, you are asked to look at things through different senses and in other ways. As humans, we are not natural night creatures. Our eyes benefit from having greater light to show our way and what is around us. We make lamps, use fire, and depend on light we create to enhance any light that is naturally present. Our eyes and our brains appreciate this.


Like many things though, too much of something can sometimes become less helpful. This month is asking you to notice where you are adding tools of light to help you see when you would actually benefit from being with the dark and “seeing” in different ways. This is not, of course, referring to walking in the dark or driving in the dark without lights. Unless your “sight” has become very developed indeed, these are not recommended activities for most humans!


As the dark comes in at the end of the day, or the dark feeling comes into you with this pre-winter phase, give yourself the chance to listen to what it might be bringing you. Care for yourself as you listen is important. Yes you can avoid and distract, you can stay in with the “lights turned on”, or sometimes you can simply be with the dark and experience your life, your body, your spirit with your other senses. You may notice that you “see” more than you thought you would and that answers you seek are really not that far away after all.


Mountain – Strength


As you look at the layers in this card, the water, the beach, the low cloud, the first mountain range, the second mountain range (is there one in between as well?), the upper clouds, and the sky, you are seeing different levels of nature and life. From each of these layers, you would have a very different view and see very different features of life and the natural world. Would they bring you to feel different things as well from these views?


Treat the darkness and your “sight” options the same way. They are bringing you different views of yourself, your life, existence, and guidance to help and to heal. You always have the choice. You can walk on the beach and look up at the mountains to hear their whispers; that may feel that it feeds you and brings you joy and satisfaction. You can climb up (or jump or fly!) and stand with the mountains as you look upon the view and the water below. Neither is better than the other, they are choices and options.


If you are avoiding your choices, if you are distracting yourself with “false light(s)”, you may not hear the whispers, songs, words, or insights that are there for you. This is a choice in itself and yours to make. Coming with the Strength card though, it seems you are strong enough to “hear” the choices and decide where you will flow with your “sight” in this phase of greater darkness. You can feel into the choices, the views, the layers, the levels, and the self that is there within it all. Remember this is a month for self-care too!


Yes, it is a month for being with yourself, for taking care of yourself! With all the busyness that tends to come in this season, notice what you really need and what you are really seeing through your light and your dark. Notice what you want to feel and need to feel. Notice where the joy is abounding in you and all around you, notice what brings you joy, what lights you up. Take a breath and “see”.


There is deep history here too this month. History of oh so many levels. In the quiet of the snow falling, the peace of the forest as the trees rest for a moment, in the longer nighttime, as the lights of holiday festivities start to turn on, you have history to remember and to feel. It comes up through the earth. It comes up through those you meet. It comes up through your essence. It is stories to hear and stories to tell. It is feelings to feel and to honour. It is not to fear but to acknowledge. It is to let rest what is healed so the brightness will spring forth as the celebrations take light. It is to decide what you will bring with you as you walk on the beach, as you play in the water, as you embrace the rolling hills, or climb to the highest peaks.


Wishing you amazing “sight” through your December,

with love,



and wondrous divine guidance working with me and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.


The Earth Magic Oracle Cards are by Steven Farmer, and published by Hay House,


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