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Rising Above - Seeing Beauty & Grace this April

Intuitive Guidance for the month April 2021


With the season change, we find ourselves in the month of April. What will be in store for us to reflect on and be aware of, be open to and be working on? My sense is that there is big and important energy coming through at this time but that can mean very different things to different people. Give yourself a moment to reflect on what you sense for yourself for this month... Now, let’s see with the intuitive guidance!


Rising Above

“I see only beauty and grace.”


It is a fascinating journey working with oracle cards, to feel which deck and which card wants to come up for a reading and then to read into it and through it. This card has the energy of being both beautiful but also asking of us and inviting us, with a quite determined energy!


Through the challenges and the difficulties, there is the option to rise above. Regardless of what is happening and going on, there is the option to see beauty and grace. These insights do not make light of what might be very tough for someone or for others, not at all. The need for behaviours to survive, the need to take care of self and of loved ones each and every day continues and is very necessary. This reading is to say that WHILE that is going on, there is an option to rise above those tough intensities to allow yourself to see beauty, to see grace, and to behave as such in your actions.


People have choice all the time. Many rise above and keep doing so through incredible demands on them. Many behave in ways that raise others up at the same time. Does that action of raising others up take away from those doing that behaviour? Does the action of seeing beauty and grace, take away from someone? Can it? This is an important nuance here. Recognize that you can behave with grace, can see beauty, can raise others up as you raise up yourself, without ever jeopardizing or sacrificing yourself. Recognize and feel that. Read it again if you need to.


As you recognize this, can you then see that there really is no reason to ever beat someone down with words, feelings, or emotions? (nor physically of course!) Some people have the impression that when they push someone down, when they bully someone, or when they belittle someone, they gain and they get bigger & taller, but is it true? Are they really rising up or do they feel this falsely? In March, the guidance mentioned “When we are separate (from ourselves) we can blame too easily and complain too easily. When we are separate we can avoid too easily and numb too easily. When we are separate we wear false lenses that distort what we see as well as how we live.” Perhaps those people have the false impression that being hostile to others gives them gain. Perhaps those people have the false impression that being kind or full of grace to others takes away from them or their valuable energy. Interesting isn’t it? How do you see it and what do you encourage?


Through this card, you are given the option to Rise Above. Imagine that all the challenges, clutter, difficulties, frustrations, etc are like a low smoke. True smoke rises but this type falls, it gathers in the low places. This gives you the opportunity to Rise! Stand up, bring yourself up… and look over the smoke of battle. What do you see? What do you want to feel up there? What is up there for you? Can you breathe the fresh air, see the beauty and grace, and feel the freedom to not carry all of that heaviness with you in all of your interactions, whether in day-to-day stuff or the big occasional things? Can you allow that for yourself and invite that in? It might take some reminders sure. It may take moments where you realize you are in the battle fog and readjust, but that’s alright! The lotus did not grow to bloom through the mud and up to the light in one day!


The beautiful plant on this card reminds about renewal and rebirth. The cycles of day and night contribute, the seasons contribute, the temperature and situations contribute, the cycles of life contribute – it is all tied in together. You will experience times of growth, times of grief, times of raising, times of learning, and so much more. Cycles that bring you to who you are now and where you are now. Through it all, you have choice on what you see and what you allow to smoke up your vision and your being.


What are you Rising Above today? What do you welcome to embrace the Rising Above in the near future? and What will you look to Rise through or into in the future? Oooh so vastly exciting and interesting!


Meanwhile you are invited to see beauty and to see grace. When you see it, embrace it! Bring it into your life and your being! From you it will then have means to flow out to others and into the world. Cycle and contribution. Rising Above in April.


with love,



and Divine Infinite Wisdom with the Gateway Oracle Cards.



The Gateway Oracle Cards are by Denise Linn and published by Hay House.


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