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Respect Connection Balance Compassion Gratitude Reading, thoughts for Flood zones

Today’s reading video with thoughts and prayers going out to the regions and people flooded. Please take some time (with the video or on your own) to breathe in and send out positive thoughts, feelings, and vibration to the natural world and to those humans impacted by this high water spring. Breathe, feel through your heart and your abdomen, wherever it feels stronger and better for you. Feel yourself fill with compassion and send out that compassion, understanding, and support. Send support and vibrations to the natural world, all parts of it. Reflect on how you use water, how you interact with animals, plants, forests, and the water ways. We send gratitude and compassion to the natural world and we are willing to learn what we need, we thank Mother Earth for her patience. Carry those energies with you today as you interact with other people and resources.

To access the video, please follow this link: or continue below for the reading contents. Thank you!

Eagle – Communion

A reminder to get back into connection. Get into connection with that deep inner knowing within yourself. There is so much there to bring you feelings, sense of understanding, connection with your body, personality, mind, and spirit, and important information. This can take practice and can take time. Find ways that reconnect you. Journaling, meditation, hanging out with likeminded people, and taking deep breath moments.

This card is also an ask to Respect. To respect each other, the environment, the natural world, and the water. The water energy needs us to pay attention. There is information here to learn about how we use our resources, how we balance with the natural world, as well as with ourselves. We have a lot of water within our bodies, super important connection and tie in with water. What does nature need? What do we need as individuals and as a society.

The Spirit of Fire

Balance is needed. Balance in all things. Balance between the elements. For our homes as well as in nature. Ask yourself in your life what is in balance and what is out of balance. The physical body component: how we are with sleep, eating, physical activity, mind health or overrunning… And the balance with everything around us. Where does the balance in your life need to improve. It may not all happen today but it can start. Steps that you can take that will be helpful, some optional, some by necessity, and some will happen when they happen. Balance in multiple levels of your life. This card really wants to talk on and on about balance. It wants people to be able to enhance their lives, to have a warmth internally represented by the fire, the compassion.

Jumping card…

The Warrior of the Heart

A huge reminder as we are talking about water, that it is a precious commodity. It is a huge part of our bodies, a necessary as fluid, it will impact resources immensely, and it will as affecting the water level heights as oceans rise with melting ice due to the changing global climate.

The Heart: this card is also really suggesting and reminding about the compassion and the gratitude. As humans we have the capacity to take up a shield and “arms” but arms from the heart, that space of compassion and heart-centred warrior-ness . Fire up the compassion. Fire up the gratitude. Look at others with compassion, being aware of possible reasons for their behaviour. Energetically send them compassion and support. Becoming warriors in a good and positive way, allowing ideas to flourish, allowing support to flourish so that as a human race balancing with the natural world, we can become more efficient and more joyful.

Remember take that compassion to heart, that balancing, that support. Breath can help to keep this energy throughout the day, the vision of the eagle, and picturing the fire from the heart.



Featured oracle cards from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and and the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through Background music by Adrian Von Ziegler “Atmospheres – Relaxing Sounds” available on YouTube.


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