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There is something to be said about not living in the past. We hear it, we are taught it, and many of us live it, or at least try to. However, the past we have lived has contributed to our present life. We have learned, we have gained experience, we have felt, we have observed, and we have been impacted by and been an impact in the lives of people we have come into contact with.


There is also a past beyond our own years. The past lived by our parents, our grandparents, other relatives and family friends, our ancestors, and people who have never even crossed paths with those in our line. There is a place here, an important place, to remember what has been experienced and what has been learned, so that we may progress forward an improved version of what we were before as a species, in balance with all other species on this world. We are still working on this balanced progress.


This week, it has seemed particularly important to me to remember. We seem to know that things have happened in our past, that things were said, experiences created, and grave impacts came from them, and yet we do not seem to really remember so we can glean their lessons in order to help us move forward.


Remembrance Day is a time here in Canada to pay respect to those who have fought in intense war situations so that we may write, breathe, and live in freedom. Some of them never made it home, some of them came home to live long lives but were forever impacted by what they lived. This is one occasion during the year when I feel we really need to remember. We need to talk about the past, teach about it, learn different perspectives, and then step forward, wiser. For some people, it is one day to wear the red meaningful poppy. For me, that poppy always stays on a good few days after, as a reminder, and an honour. It is full of so much history and memory.


I was honoured to lead a group of women entrepreneurs yesterday, on November 11th, to remember, to pay respect, to fill ourselves with gratitude for what was done on our behalf by many people who will never know us. We are gifted the opportunity to treat people well, to live with integrity, to do our best, to behave in kindness and respect, and to inquire or act when others are not.


As soon as I knew I was to lead these wonderful women into a minute of silence, the words started to pour into my mind. This time I did start to write them down immediately, knowing I did not want to forget what was so important to come so quickly and intensely. Here is what followed in what I call, inspired writing. It was my honour to read it for the group as they reflected quietly listening and it is my honour to share it with you now.


Bless you and yours. Bless those who fought and strategized and envisioned a better life with greater ideals of balance and inclusion and kindness for all. May we continue to strive for this, always remembering.


And bless the amazing lady who placed a new poppy at my seat at the end of our lunch meeting. It is walking with me proudly on my lapel.


Lest we forget.



Lest We Forget

We stand and remember.

We stand and hold space.

Space of gratitude.

Space to honour.

Space to breathe.

Space to reach out and touch another person,

in compassion,

in understanding,

and in appreciation.

We hold space

to remember,

to bring light.

We bring light

to those who have gone before us,

to those who lived in dark times

and found the way forward,

to those who passed on knowledge

and stories and experience,

so we may learn,

so we may be stronger,

so we may be better,

and so we may never forget.

We hold this space,

filling it and ourselves

with the essence of freedom,

freedom of choice,

freedom to love,

freedom to build,

freedom to live our lives.

And we hold this space,

filling it and ourselves

with the power of joy,

with all that it means,

all that it brings,

and all that it speaks,

to us and through us

so we may live

each and every day

cherishing the essence of


Lest we forget.


By Sheila Bicknell

November 11, 2016       mobile 514-573-4740

Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.



For the video of me reading this, please head to my Facebook page where I have shared the post with it.


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