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Rejoice in Your Tribe

Rejoice in Your Tribe

Do you have a “tribe”? I don’t mean your family or the heritage people you come from. They may be great and a part of your tribe for sure, or they may not! I mean the people you choose to spend time with, to give and receive energy from in ways that make you grow. The people who raise you up, who bring you to feel better by allowing your true essence to shine with support, care, and sharing of knowledge. And you will do the same for them. It does not mean the communication is all flowers and butterflies, sometimes it can be very raw and real but the base is always of care and respect and no one is left to feel beaten down or less than.


Whether you are physically meeting with these people or connecting in other ways, there is a mutual interest and excitement to connect together. Interest about what is happening in each other’s’ lives, interest in the journey you are on, and interest in where you want to go and who you want to be, as you travel forward.

I have been fortunate to experience these types of relationships and groups. People circling around from different sources and contacts to meet up regularly or periodically. I so look forward to having time with them! There is a joy in the connection and always learning as we express and receive together. Usually a lot of laughter too! Remember that your tribe can be people meeting and sharing about anything! I do not believe it has to be subject based but you may find that it tends to flow around something in common. The idea is how the people come together, how they are allowed to be and feel as they meet and share.

So, who is your tribe? Do you have any kindred spirits that feel like they are or would be in your chosen circle? If it does not feel obvious then let it sit for a while. Think of those you most enjoy having time with and expand from there. If you genuinely feel there is no one but that you have an interest in this type of a connection, it may be an opening for you to explore, to see who is out there that may enhance your life as you meet and that you may enhance theirs!

May your circle be full of joy.

May your tribe be nourishing.

May you reach out and find understanding.

May you be easily found when you may be a source to others.

Coming full circle, creating together.

Individual lives connecting for a greater whole.

Expanding and rejoicing,

Essence in flow,

Rising up, together.

Light blessings,


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