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Reflect or Expect

Reflect or Expect

Have you noticed how you plan and perceive certain dates and events? Recently as I have been listening to some wonderful podcasts, something struck me. The hosts were discussing the current Mercury Retrograde often referring to it in the context of challenges that can be felt during this planetary period. As I listened, it occurred to me that it sounded as though the hosts were expecting the retrograde cycle of Mercury to be a difficult time. This felt particularly strange as they tend to promote the idea of law of attraction and bringing what we think into existence.


Then yesterday was Friday May 13th and again I heard and read about the concerns some people were feeling related to the date.


So my idea of “Reflect or Expect” became more and more present. Being informed is important. It can help us to plan for a snow storm, for an event on our calendar, and to have food in our fridge on holiday dates when the stores are closed. Being informed may also give us too much opportunity to plan for a circumstance to be a challenge or a tough time. Be aware of what you expect for dates, events, and situations. Is it helpful to you or adding to a potential challenge, or creating craziness where none might have actually existed?


Reflecting is however an opportunity to notice what is going on in the present, see if there are reasons, be aware of feelings and sensations, and make changes where desired in our best interest of circumstance and attitude.


So do you reflect or expect?


My example: Feeling and thinking about Friday May 13th as being a day to feel and live in my goddess energy. Being a part of a wonderful networking luncheon with strong heart-centered women where I would stand in my strength & skills, was on my plan. Wearing jewelry, crystals, and clothing that aligned with what I wanted to feel and create, came along for the ride, by choice, to allow me to stay in that energy & those thoughts.


Wishing you powerful reflections and great expectations!



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