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Rebirth Release Deep Natural Connection - November Guidance Reading

When you sit down with a glass of wine and some yummy dark chocolate after a weekend metaphysical show doing readings, meeting people, meeting & supporting other vendors... but the whispers of the next reading get louder and louder, you listen! Welcome to my evening, teehee!

Happy to have this beautiful connection, I pull out the Earth Magic Oracle Cards (Steven Farmer, Hay House) to find the November oracle card for the month’s guidance reading. Let’s play!


This card makes perfect sense after the recent energies and the recent month’s cards of September - Planting Seeds and October - Starting Fresh! If part of you still doesn’t think there is opportunity to release old stuff that’s not helping out in order to move into new, fresh, nurturing, and exciting times ahead for you, then please notice this month’s card!

Spring Equinox - Rebirth

Everything about this card, from its word to its energy is screaming to pay attention. There is so much that is within you ready to be brought forward in your life, ready to be experienced, and to be played with, you have only to choose and to apply. You are sooo done with some of the stuff that is still wrapped around your ankles. We wish you could feel their weight and compare it to what is ready for you when they are just released! They have served their time and purpose with you. They are not to be looked at harshly but to see where their twists and turns brought up in you and those around you wisdom you didn’t even know was present and the capacity to move through tough times. But now you carry it still just as a burdensome bag. It’s a bag you don’t love now and it can’t even be used to carry useful things for you. It is just stuck around you with its straps catching your legs and it’s design causing you to pause when you could run, and to look back when your vision is joyously up ahead.

It is time to let this stuff go. What you also do not see is that when you let your stuff go, those things that are not helping you now and don’t even really belong to you anymore, you actually free up energy for so many other things for you, your life, the lives of others, and the world. That is incredibly valuable! That is a resource that needs to be redirected for the greater good. Holding on to what is no longer of benefit to you is misusing time and energy that has other purposes now.

The Rebirth is the releasing of what is not currently helping you, what is not serving you within the stuff, and the reconnection with a deeply natural part of you. This natural part of you may be present in ways you would not expect. Do not look only to the fancy, spiritual, or deemed “meaningful” work. There is meaning in places that people have forgotten. There is value in tasks and ways of being that people do not treat with respect. It is time to honour these deeply connected parts of you. How do you sense them? How is the deepest natural part of you getting your attention? What would it mean to you to reconnect with this part of you?


Take your time with this. There is no need to rush but at the same time a determination of plan will serve you best. After all it is you who feels all of this and lives with it all.

Although the “start of year” for many comes at a different calendar time, the start of year for nature can often be considered Spring. It is a time of waking up, of stretching, of seeking out valuable food, of nurturing self & family, and of seeking important connections. In some belief systems tied to the land and nature cycles, November is the start of a new year. Welcome and work with this month for all that it can bring to you regardless of where you live and what season it is outside. What season is it inside you? How are you connecting?

If your next phase in December would be one of reflection, personal development, and looking forward, what would the time before that need to be? How will you most benefit from releasing what is stuck and held on to? What will that open up in you for that deep natural connection?

And give yourself time to breathe. You are in the here and now. All of your colours and essences are here with you. What wants and needs to light up in you, for you, and from you is already here. Bring yourself into your own presence so you can feel “as one” stepping forward no matter whether it is to go get groceries, to dress the children, to meditate, or to plan a business. Bring with you what you need and what you are. You are highly valuable!

May this Rebirth be a time when the seeds you have planted start fresh in an amazing balance for you and your life. Through you, we all benefit. Through you, there is connection with us. Through us, we all benefit. And Mother Earth rejoices with all she englobes, plus with her family of planets, moons, stars, and Sun.

Light blessings & love,


With help from Great Spirit infinite wisdom and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards (by Steven Farmer, published by Hay House).

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