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Reading to guide through challenges

As a new week starts for most people, let us remember there are many who are going through life challenges. Here is a reading to help guide those facing challenges at this time. You are invited to read the information I received as well as looking at the cards and seeing what comes up for you. Please pass it on to anyone you feel it may help or suggest they visit this page to read for themselves.

For more personalized, detailed information, I am available for in-person and audio-recorded oracle card readings. Please get in touch to set up yours.

All the best.



Sometimes the truth about a situation is staring us right in the face. We may not be able to see it or be ready to see it, and yet it is still there communicating with us. As you stand in your self, there is a part of you that knows what is true, what will help, and what will not. It may be a feeling or a knowing deep within, or it may be an idea that comes to you and won't quite go away. What is the message that comes with this truth as your Self is trying to help you?

Healing comes with deep truth.


Wind - Activation

The doldrums at sea can be the most challenging time. No wind to move forwards, no power to get moving. Or is there? One tiny breath can create a gust that changes weather, that brings about movement. What is one step you could take to shift the energy and start a wave? Just the thought of it is very powerful. Call a friend or find assistance if the calm is too strong for you and use your breath to ask for help.

Communicating Freely

No communication can be as challenging as no wind. It can create stagnant energy, stagnant spaces, stagnant lives, where all builds up and backs up. To allow movement and help, there needs be communication. Start with communicating with yourself. What are you feeling? What do you need? What do you love? Who do you love?

    Sing for a moment, choose a song that speaks to you and sing. Once your voice is opened, it can be used to speak and heal and ask and praise.

    Small words of kindness are as strong as the greatest rivers, and as valued as the greatest gifts.


Wishing you well,

in Love & Light.

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