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Reading from the soul...

Reading today, from the soul…





“I celebrate everything in my life, and I live in limitless joy!”


To live in celebration and appreciation is to live in gratitude and to recognize the good, the positive, the helpful, and the kind in each day, no matter what source provides it. Fly higher than the usual commentary if it no longer serves and touches you in beneficial ways. Fly higher than the complaints, the sarcasm, the hostile criticism, the rudeness, the gossip, as they really serve no guidance, no higher purpose, and are at a most basic level, just no fun! There is joy to be had, to be experienced, even in the most trying of times. That sounds too positive, too jovial to be taken seriously but it is true. A beautiful full vibrant tree is not less beautiful because someone is angry or hurt or in pain. If anything, it reaches out to try to share its beauty, to make their life better. By noticing its vibrant energy, not all life’s challenges are suddenly made better, but there is a powerful exchange, of energy, of attitude, of wonder. Maybe the tree looks at the person and is amazed at their moving limbs used to take them to see places and touch things, to touch other people, at their desire. Wonder and enthusiasm is in the perspective. The more we share a perspective of joy, even when compassion, understanding, and empathy are the supporting trio, the more we rise ourselves up and rise up others.


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