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Perspective + Shift = Gifts

On a bright day, as the snow settled gently on the trees and homes, I was encouraged to pay attention to circumstances and perspective... As I drove to a lunch event, all traffic came to a stop, somewhere up ahead, people were having a very bad day... my thoughts and prayers go to them all and thanks to the worker teams who took care of them and helped clear the road for us travellers. I sat, looking on one side to the peaceful woodlands and snow covered lake, to the other sides, other drivers, some relaxed while others impatient in their wait. I continued to listen to an educational podcast I had started with the amazing Denise Linn. I realized only later that I was able to much better focus on the message of the radio show, it could sit and be realized much more effectively because I was at a full stop. So I thank that stop for shifting my perspective and helping me to see a benefit in an otherwise challenged moment. Having been aware of my patience and the lessons I was learning, I was even better poised for a great goal setting event with the wonderful women of the We2 - Women's Entrepreneurial Exchange and I benefitted from an unexpected encounter that touched me deeply. Thank you universe for a very powerful day!

Blessings to you all,



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