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Personal Power Reading

As we head into this weekend phase (or for some continue through the weekend), we are reminded to honour our personal power. What is your personal power? For some it is to start or continue towards a particular goal or calling. This might be whispering to you and even if you try not to listen or are distracted, it just keeps nudging. It comes from that deep place within that knows you, really knows you, and truly knows what makes you live in joy, what makes you feel fully and completely YOU!

For others, this personal power reminder is all about the strength, the resilience. You have kept going, you have not given up. You are there to support yourself while you are supporting others. You are doing what needs to be done and even though you are tired, you are still persevering. This shows incredible strength. Remember to give yourself that credit! Remember to notice how strong you are and how much that strength is benefitting others. Your contribution to their lives is fueling people in very important ways.

When you feel you are losing touch or questioning your personal power, get still for a little while and picture it. Where do you feel your power? Is it in your gut? Is it in your heart? Is it in your pinkey finger?   Notice it. Perhaps it feels like a little flame that can be fanned and fed to grow and serve. Maybe it is a ball of light that can expand and float with you and within you. Does it come represented by an image or by a colour…?

No matter how you picture it or sense it, there will be a feeling that it is completely on your side, fully there for you and with you. In fact, it is a part of you; you can’t get rid of it! You may need some time to get reacquainted and to build your relationship, but whenever you reach for your power, it is there, bringing you in touch with your highest good and what is for your best interest. This does not mean that it will necessarily be all fluffy bunnies, kittens, and bonbons. It might be intense, it might be full on, it might push or pull you, it might get you out of your comfort zone, it might ask of you, and you might say “What the ?”.

Despite all that might feel challenging, there will be that whisper, that knowing (even if very, very, very deep down!) which senses andunderstands. It will show itself as some degree of love and joy, for the path and the journey, something that keeps you going forward and lifts you up because you know it is your power and it is for you.

Welcome Personal Power, we call you in and raise you up. Thanks for being our cheerleader and our companion. Onward together!

(Before pulling this card, I was reading cards for myself to help with a decision. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I pulled the Power card in that deck - Earth Magic by Steven Farmer - related to that situation. I already knew I was going to do a general reading today so after coming to my decision, I opened this deck et voilà! enter the Power card. I love it when that happens! And it makes perfect sense for me given the context this afternoon :). The Power card is from the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through

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