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Our Stories & Foundations - guidance for May!

Guidance for the month of May 2019:

As the sun streams into my new home office space, I sit down to see what guidance will come for us this month. The beginning of May has come very quickly in my world, busy with numerous life things, it snuck in and I didn’t quite get in tune with it until now. Apologies for the delay in this monthly guidance but hopefully it helps to shed light onto your journey today and in the coming month, connecting you with you and with your life. Reflect on what is important to you, what resonates, and see what perspective shift happens as you open up to your own guidance. Blessings for your May month!





As you sit by the fire of your life, you tell your tales and reflect on your lessons. There has been a lot of this going on over the recent months since the beginning of this year and yes, even before, of course. The reflecting, the learning, the observing, as well as the living. Your stories are what make you who you are as well as what give you the chance to change things for the better for you and for others. They can tell you when things are going well, what has been a challenge, and what is still a challenge for you. How the lines are written, how the images unfold, how the meaning behind it all touches you and connects you to your life, and so you are able to observe in new ways.


Sometimes being in the story, you find it tough to see what is happening, what you want to happen, and how to help bring it about. When you hear the story or see it played out in front of you, you are given the chance to see it from different angles and to hear it with ears that have fresh energy and distance from the living of it. This is why it is often easier to be a listener and to give advice into the lives of others than for yourself. You need to see your stories to see which ones remain as information for better understanding of what brought you here, and which ones you are currently living but that need editing, a character adjustment, a costume change, a new storyline direction, etc. You hold the pen to make those adjustments as you see and feel their need. Remember, if you are not certain what the adjustment needs to be, you can just circle the area and know that something here needs to change but not sure what or how just yet. That already is a huge step, acknowledgement.


Which part of your story is lacking some good foundation? Like the rock versus sand in the picture, sometimes you are building your fire on a good base that will hold it and sustain it and sometimes the base gets easily swayed by wind, water, life experiences, and others. Where is your base needing some foundation improvements? Where is your energy leaking? Where do things infiltrate but do not help? Where do you lose nourishment and direction? Where do you keep building but it keeps falling over or losing strength? These are all indicators, when reflected on and noticed, of where your foundation can be improved to help your next steps be the best they can so they support and enhance you and your life.


Give yourself a chance to also stop, breathe, and appreciate the view & the experience. There are magical moments every day. Some catch your breath, like a starry evening with mystical colours in the sky reflected in the calm water. Others give you joy that broadens your heart and chest. Others still are fleeting moments where you just go Wow! and appreciate the smile, the help, the breeze, the feather, the snack…


What is your story? Whether you feel it is “story worthy” or not, it is your story! There are always parts that would enhance the life of another, something you have learned, something you experienced, an understanding, a creation… Do not belittle your own story for the value of someone else’s. They have their own inner stories, their own pathway, and their own journey. Your story has value, whatever the plot lines are, whatever the adventures have been, and whether you choose to share them with others or not, your story has value. It is yours, it speaks to you and about you, it is interesting and fascinating, and you are allowed to look at your own life and think it amazing!


This month, let the season really shine into your life. See the stories and create new ones. Acknowledge the stories in others and help them see their own value as you see yours. Remember that the fire can be your passion and your inner truth as well as it can be a tool to burn up what is not working (careful, figuratively speaking only! – intentions are powerful things) so you can create new foundations or new levels for the next growth to occur.

with love.


With help from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through


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