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Oracle Guidance for December Magic

Oracle thoughts / guidance for December

What a lovely card for this December month!

Believing in Magic

"True magic is abounding in my life!"

As we move into this December month, we are entering a traditional time of many symbols and beliefs. We have traditions that have been carried and passed on through generations and others that are newly created for present day needs and joys.

Within each of these, we are invited to be open to the magic that may come to us. Whether it is the magic of sharing and coming together, the magic of giving, the magic of receiving, the magic of laughter and joy, the magic of love, the magic of tradition, the magic of belief, the magic of imagination, the magic of music, or the more mystical magics tied in with the celebrations of light and miracles, the seasonal solstice, and honouring what is holy and sacred.

Remember that we are able to receive and experience these magical moments and themes each in our own way. What may be of value to one may not be as much to another. Where one may see no magic, another may welcome it with open arms. When one may feel alone and see no sparkle, another can breathe magic into their lives with the simplest of acts, conversations, or gestures. And we can believe.

Have fun looking at the symbols. See and notice what others receive from them and take them to mean. Then see and notice what you receive from them, what they mean to you and your life. Play and explore and be open. Welcome in the concept of magic in its highest form. The same form that creates rainbows and trees, that creates love feelings, and turns ingredients into wonderful meals. Magic in its highest form that lets you know deep down that you are not alone and that we are all connected.

Magical blessings to you and yours!

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*** If you would like your own personal written guidance for the month, please contact me I will gladly set it up for you. ***


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