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Oracle Full Moon at the Hudson Labyrinth

Listen to your guidance!

I had a beautiful evening last night. The super bright Full Moon was cresting over the dark tree tops in the deep blue sky as I sat down to write, let it soak in, and look back at the pictures from my walk. I felt enchanted, energized, and enraptured after spending the dusk hour at the Hudson Labyrinth in Quebec, Canada (Please see link to its information below). It was guidance that brought me there, for the first time, in solitude of person, but surrounded by nature and spirit. A glorious walk through fields and woodlands, ancient trees standing tall & mystical, evening birdsong in the canapy and grasses, a rabbit down a side path, a curious cat wondering what I was doing sitting in stillness, flitting insects investigating & changing position as night falls, and then joyously just as I decided to say goodnight, bats overhead! The welcome sight of bats gives hope after populations have declined here and felt like a real honouring of the evening & night times. 

What does an Oracle do with all this at a full moon? Clear, bless, and intend crystals. Breathe deeply. Whisper to the energies & feel their responses. Thank the trees for their wisdom. Bring an offering to the elemental energies. Pray for my own guidance & wisdom on this journey. And pull a card for myself...

Thank you to those who created and maintain such a special and peaceful place. I look forward to my next visit...

Blessed be.


Pathways near Hudson Labyrinth:

Hudson Labyrinth:

My card for the Full Moon:

Full Moon coming up Hudson Labyrinth:

In gratitude...

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