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Oracle Card Reading - Clearing Soaring Excellence

Hello all!

Today I have felt called to do a two card reading for us all. A lot of positive energy surrounded me and the oracle cards for this!

Background music & visual during the reading provided by Denise Linn’s 6th Chakra – 3rd Eye Mystic Chakra Portal on


I’ve pulled two cards, the first felt to speak from the Soul and the second really as part of a Gateway type effect. So the first card is from Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards and the second from her Gateway Oracle Cards, both published by

If you would prefer to listen to an audio of this reading for a more meditative experience, please check it out on my YouTube channel BlueWater Oracle


Let’s go!



Affirmation: “My energy field is being cleansed of all that I do not need!”

Do you feel this?

Does it feel as though there is a clearing of sorts happening? For some, today, this really should feel this way, and it should feel accompanied by a sense of relief and accomplishment.

For others, the clearing is still in its depths. Not to worry, there are always layers and all can benefit. In this moment, take a deep breath, touch your abdomen with your right hand, your 3rd eye (between your eyebrows, slightly above) with your left hand. Breathe deep into yourself, deep into this moment. What is asking to be cleared? See it, feel it, even if you are not able to name it, some part of you knows. As you invite and allow this clearing, a desire to connect reaches out to contact you, to touch you, to be with you in support, guidance, and love. What is this connection? See it, feel it, name it if possible or simply know that it is in all goodness, part of this moment, for you. And breathe.


As we move to the second card, allow that depth of clearing and contact to still remain with you. Do not rush it off, do not push it aside. Give it space and time to work with you, as it feels right for you. Gently and meaningfully.


Exceeding Expectations

Affirmation: “I soar into excellence!”

As this gateway and clearing opens, all things are possible for you. There is such vital growth that has been and is happening. See yourself as part of this growth, not separate from it. Now stretch the beautiful body you have been given, feel it shifting, moving, tensing, and relaxing. It is your vehicle vital for soaring. Energy is your fuel – choose the best kinds, those that build you up, that make you feel great, that allow you to connect body and mind, with spirit and soul, to the world energies you are involved with. So much excellence already and so much potential for more. Celebrate, grow, and soar.

You ARE an amazing Being!




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