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Opportunities & Strength - June Oracle Intuitive Guidance Reading 2021

June Oracle Intuitive Guidance Reading 2021



The June month welcomes in a change of season with those of us in the North coming into our Summer. We change at the Solstice here which is June 20th late night so almost June 21st in the EDT time zone. Celebrating over two days sounds like a plan to me! We also welcome a solar eclipse on June 10th visible in northern regions which seems to add to the solar power for this month!


Ace of Pentacles


Welcome to a new start with full growth and connection. There are many opportunities within this month for you. You however, are invited to allow yourself to see what is available and what comes to you. You have the power to notice all these things as well as the power to choose to ignore them. Are you your best ally or are you filled with uncertainty that rules your days and especially your nights?


When the uncertainty catches up to you, take a moment to pause, perhaps a few moments! This is not so you remain immobile and stuck but rather to allow yourself to see what is available to you and which direction shows itself in the moment. Some people are skilled at racing forward, their decision capacity is quick and vibrant, and they adjust at high speed when needed, finding it challenging and exhilarating. Others are more skilled at moving in regular motion, adjusting as they go. They do not enjoy or resonate as much with the 90° turns so prefer to shift as they go, identifying their next best steps. Both are good methods when utilized by the person that best works that way. You didn’t think you were all the same did you? Where’s the fun in that?


If a big new opportunity were to present itself to you, what would you like it to be? You see, there are times when you will simply go with the flow, but there is also value in directing your flow and then going with it. The direction here is to allow yourself to understand what you would like as opportunity in your life. Maybe you think of it as vision, goals, or creations, or maybe opportunity is the term that best resonates. As we come into the midpoint of this year, re-identifying your visions for opportunity is a way to align you with your life path and to be able to see experiences for what they bring without being as frustrated with life’s ebbing and flowing.


Your opportunity may be an improvement in a certain relationship. It may be a work project that comes your way. It could be finances coming into order and abundance. Your opportunity may be a greater connection with the Earthy world around you. It may be creating your best home environment. There are so many possibilities of how opportunity can come to you. Which one makes your heart sing? That if it were to come about soon, you would celebrate saying “This is exactly what I wanted!” Identify that opportunity and know it has started for you as you step forward with its energy. A reminder though that overly focusing on it can distract you from incredible opportunities that come along the way. Identifying one desire can be the doorway that opens to another - flow with them, notice, and live.



Mountain – Strength


Oh so much doubt! Why do you carry it around so tightly and in such a big bag? These strong and powerful mountains come in this month to remind you to be who you are. Much of the world has been created in recent times to remove what makes each individual incredible and of the highest value. This valuable individuality will be embraced again. In the meantime of this developing and flourishing, you can do this for yourself. Are you an artist at heart but have to work in another vein at the moment? This happens but this does not mean failure! It means adapting and adjusting to experience, live, and survive. While you are doing this, you can however find the ways that your artist blood can sing and your heart can be open! Whether 5 minutes a day or rejuvenating retreats, the closer you bring yourself into moments that thrive with your true self, the better you will feel all the time, in all of your adventures.


Lover of numbers or languages? Find how that speaks to you! Maybe you help others understand numbers in their lives or maybe you allow yourself to work with the numbers in quiet but profound solitude contributing in your own way. There are so many methods and opportunities; it is about identifying you within your life and the world.


For those leaders out there… Your strength can be to remember that leading others will satisfy you. The stronger you are, the more genuine and authentic you are, the greater your power of leadership. This is true power where others are lifted, where others can find their individuality, where those who need care receive it, and those who need direction receive it as well. The mountain does not pretend to be a tree. It is a mountain. It may give space for trees to grow or give shelter for them. It may understand the history that created it as well as acknowledging the new life upon itself and in the valleys below.


You are all mountains in your own ways. This month, remind yourself of those ways. How have you been the mountain? How have you been strong? Who are you at your core? No one has the right to take away your core, your light, or your spirit. No one can do it really, although, unfortunately some may try. You can embrace this Mountain Strength, by reinforcing the core of others as you go through your day. See them and give them a moment of being seen. It is a beautiful gift.


If you happen to come across those who have lost sight of their core or have had their core mined and damaged, picture them like a rickety swing bridge blowing in the wind. It will say that it is strong, perhaps even be harsh with it, but it is actually missing pieces and scared the wind will blow so strong that it will lose itself into the depths of the canyon. When you see it and acknowledge its core, its light, and its spirit, in whatever way comes to you, you add reinforcements to its structure and allow it to have moments once again of being a strong bridge, a valuable asset, and a place to view wonders from & with. Give yourself the same gift each and every day.


As the light is bright and full this season, let its golden rays show you so much in this world and within yourself. Take the views in from different vantage points and feel their energies building on your deep, strong, grounded, solid, but also flowing self.


With love and deep respect,



and Divine Great Spirit Wisdom with the Gilded Tarot and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.




The Gilded Tarot is by Ciro Marchetti and published by Llewellyn.

The Earth Magic Oracle Cards are by Steven Farmer and published by Hay House.



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