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November Guidance - Mountain, Layers, & Strength

November Guidance Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

Welcome to November! After the Adventure card of October it will be interesting to see what November will bring for us. These monthly cards are to help us with guidance, to bring points to reflect on, and to allow us to go “oh yeah…” when certain things come up or happen during the month so we may be better prepared and resourceful!

We go to the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer (Hay House published) for this reading. Connecting with the land, the earth, the sky, the water, with each other, and with all that is energy and spirit.

Mountain – Strength

There are layers being worked on and exposed this month. For some of you, this will seem like a regular occurrence over the last few years! It seems as if it has all been about the discovery, welcoming, and release of different layers of yourself and your life. Well hold on! As the calendar year heads towards its end, as those in the northern hemisphere head into winter and to a darker day phase, the layers you have been playing with come into full view. It will be a time of decisions, a time of letting go, a time of embracing, a time of deep learning, and a time of action. All the preparations will come forward now with the skills and knowledge you have already gained, to bring you further into your journey, further into the adventure, further into experience. Sounds scary to you? This is not the time to be scared, this is the time to know what you are bringing forward with you and what you are leaving behind.


For those in the southern hemisphere, the growth of spring is moving into summer. The new phase of the journey is feeling lighter and more hopeful than it has recently. With the light and the growth, you are looking at what you want to grow. You have planted so many things, so much possibility and potential that now it is time to get to sculpting your garden, sculpting and creating your path in ways that will design an amazing end of year and a fantastic year ahead. You need pathways in your growth so you can see the view and walk among your wondrous creations. Clarity is vital to you. If things get overgrown you will forget the joy of the season and the potential you have created. Stand and choose what stays and what goes, and where your paths will lead and travel through.


Back to the layers for the northern group, more of those are an audience here… You are trekking into winter. You need to know what you are carrying forward, what is of greatest value to you and to your next development and your next accomplishments. You will see layers coming up. Layers related to your home, body, and personal life. Layers related to your work, career, and income. Layers related to your financial management. Layers related to your history and journey. And layers related to your personal & spiritual development and future plans. This may seem daunting but remember you haven’t just started this work. Much of it has been going on for quite a long time. In many ways you long for the layers to get figured out so you can just enjoy and move forward feeling fulfilled and whole. Well, this month is a huge chunk of that, if you choose of course. No worries if you don’t, you will progress in your own way as is your right and your privilege. We are along for the ride and we will add some road signs when it is most needed.


For those choosing to embrace the phase of layers coming up, we encourage you to remember to breathe! The more you hold your breath and hold onto the layers, resisting them coming up, the more you will feel blocked and just not well. It is not your nature to fight these things because your deeper self knows this is all important and you will benefit from it. Enter the Mountain and the Strength.


Even if you do not feel very strong now, you are indeed incredibly strong. You have shown this with your resilience, your determination, your vulnerability, and your zest for life. That zest has been tested recently because overwhelm is setting in. Like the garden getting overgrown in the southern hemisphere information, for you, it is that the choice of what to bring and how to bring it into the upcoming phase is very large with numerous components. We want that zest for life back for you, that fun, that intrigue, and creative spirit, that joy in the small things… so layers are coming up to choose and to work with and through.


See the different mountains in the picture? There is one in front just behind the water. Then there is another slightly behind over to the right. The big ones then make up the background, coming up, peaked and sharp but also wise and strong. We want you to see the concept of these layers as you would these mountains. Something will come up about your home. See it rising as if from out of the ground. You knew it was there but now it is in your face. Then you see a layer of information and choice coming up about your work. It might push in behind the house one or push it over somewhat. And so it will continue this month, quite rocky and lots of shifting. The great thing? You have the capacity to easily move from one layer (or mountain) to another! This will not be like “climbing a mountain”. It will be like hopping from one to another, choosing which one, which layer to release, which to bring up and forward, and which to embrace. You can move them, shift them, learn from them, and more easily and freely, if only you become aware of the layers and remember your strength and skills.


Some of the layers will be things you keep and embrace. They will be coming up to help you and feel wonderful. Other layers will be coming up and in your face so you can see them and decide “Oh thanks, it is time for this to go!” freeing up space and energy for better things. Keep going all month.


Take a break occasionally by sitting on the beach in front of the mountains, looking at them, breathing and sighing. Maybe dance a little (or a lot!) to release some of the hesitancy and worry. Shake it out and off. Then look up at your layers again. One will likely show itself as more pertinent to attend to in that moment. It can be quick! See it, reflect, realize, and release or see it, reflect, feel, and release or see it, feel it, know, learn, and keep it with you like putting it in your tool box or back pack. You can hop from one layer or mountain to another easily and efficiently, progressing with your tasks as you go.


And then you will realize that one day, you can stand amongst your mountains of knowledge, experience, and strength, and go “Ah-Ha! This is great!” knowing you have done amazing clearing, releasing, realizing, reflecting, and learning. Those mountains that stay with you will feel joyous, smiling, and useful. Together you will step forward with a swing in your step and a lightness that connects you in new ways to who you are, to those around you, and to your life as you are now creating it. Yes!


Check in often with yourself. Pull together those who you know will really help you and don’t worry about the others. If the overwhelm sets in, it likely means you are looking at all the layers at once creating a blurry landscape with no direction or path. Focus, choose one, and see what needs to be done with it. Then when it has either been released or is part of your tools & team moving forward, move to the next one, and so on.


You have the skills and strength to do this. You are supported by mountains connecting the earth with the water, the fire, the stones, and the air. You can stand upon them working with them, creating and seeing the amazing vistas that are your life. It is a magical day!



Wow what a powerful reading! I hope it inspires you as it does me! Let me know 

Wishing you an amazing month ahead!


Remember to reach out if you need guidance and clarity as you work with some of these layers and mountains. Your own intuitive reading will help shift what is no longer serving you while you realize what you need to know so that stepping forward is easier! Live one-on-one, written, and even text options are available. Contact me for yours today so this November can be full-on incredible! and 514-573-4740

With love,


Sheila Bicknell - BlueWater Oracle

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