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New Moon Tuesday reading: Looking Deeper

Happy New Moon Tuesday!

My Gateway Oracle Cards want to chat in writing today for this New Moon phase. Let’s see which card wants to come up. Shuffled and came very quickly! Take a breath, relax, and join us…

The Looking Deeper Oracle Card. Its affirmation is “Deep within me is a majestic radiance.”

This feels like a great card for a new moon day. The new moon happens for us when we cannot see the moon as it is between us and the sun. It is there but we cannot see it until the first sliver comes into view and is lit up starting the next day. Here in the picture, we have gemstones and treasure that are between or beneath the mountains. We may not see them or even recognize they are there until a “discovery” is made! However these gems and treasures are there! They may also be in a format that we do not yet recognize or perhaps we look upon them but do not know their value until we are made aware of it. So what are you not seeing in your life right now? What are you perhaps not valuing that is right there with you? What is nudging you from deep within to bring it into the light?

There is another side to this card and the new moon. When the moon and the night are dark, it can cause us to look and notice other aspects of the night sky. The same can be said in our lives. What are we being asked to notice because it is dark, because there is shadow? See the shooting star in the night sky of the card? What are you wishing for right now? Truly wishing from that deep space? I hear your voice and head saying one thing but your heart and depths are saying something else. See how they may not be in unison (if that is the case for you) and learn from this. See how this could be affecting your life’s journey and progress and why you may find yourself “fighting” against life.

Notice how the yellow gem in the sky is lit up like a bright star or even a moon. When we connect with our depths and feel that deep radiance within us, it becomes part of our light. It will help us to see forward even when we are in a dark phase or getting to understand life with the shadows. At this point, what is this deeper majestic radiance that is peaking out, that is speaking to you to notice and have as part of your pathway, in the now and in the next steps forward?

And remember with these mountains that you are strong. If today is not feeling like a strong day, give yourself patience. Wrap yourself up in the knowing that even in the shadow there is love and light, otherwise the shadow could never show itself or be known! Wrap yourself up in the knowing that you are not alone and allow the energy of deep compassion and connection to touch you, fuel you, and carry you for a while, as you find your gem-self inside and catch your breath.

With love,

Sheila & spirit team 

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