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New Moon to Full Moon ...

Hello beautiful souls!

A couple of weeks ago was the New Moon here. It sparked something new in my oracle practice - a video oracle card reading! I had thought about doing videos and tested one out in private. Then I had the idea brought to me from another source and decided it was time! What better day to start something new than a New Moon! 

I was blessed by the support and response that video received. Listening to inner guidance while being surrounded by caring, heart-centred, wise people, is a great way to move forward on this life journey. 

Today is Earth Day here as well as being a Full Moon. And so, over the last couple of days, the next video has been stirring, waiting to be created. And once again I pressed "publish" and prayed! Doing a card reading is truly my way of being connected to all the energies we are a part of, earth and moon included. I am extremely grateful to those who have watched this most recent video and who have let me know it touched and helped them. What great energies we are creating together!

As the day has progressed, I have shared these types of thoughts with friends and others online, sharing my video and thinking about who I am and what I do. It has been a reflective and teaching day. As the light started to fade this evening I drove to run an errand. The Earth Day theme has been with me, wondering what else I should do to honour it. Driving home, I looked along to local fields... there a small group of wild turkeys were trekking and feeding. In the background, the cloudy skies opened up to allow bright rays of sunlight in the distance as if someone was painting an expressive moment in time. The turkeys moved off across the street and into the woodlands. In the quiet of my car, I heard little chirping sounds and looked back to the field to see a pair of gorgeous Wood Ducks out for an evening walk, gently chatting as they went, the sunlight still creating beauty in the background. It is these moments we can create and find anywhere, whether sitting in peace and quiet with gemstones and oracle cards or pausing to watch birds and clouds design an evening, that makes us connect with our Earth and hopefully she with us. 

Blessings for your Earth Day Full Moon and for a wonderous weekend,


Here is the link to my video on YouTube  : 

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