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New Moon Oracle Card Reading


When a reading wants to come, it really wants to come! All day it has been brewing and now the time is right! Whenever you read this, may it bring you insight, guidance, and support. The time & day are not important, what you feel and realize is.

We have moved through a New Moon in my area today and that was the generator for this reading. Moving through New Moon energy and beyond. Enjoy!


Dawn - New Beginnings

May today bring you to a new place in your life. May you walk forward in courage, trusting the path that is being laid at your feet. Be open to the shifting energies. If you are closed, it is harder for the divinity in all things to help, guide, and be with you. Opening merely a crack is enough to let in great light and start to allow the brightness to enter and to be with you & a part of you.

Look around you to see all that shines bright, particularly in the next few days. By noticing all that is amazing and good, we inspire more of this in our lives.



(background energy & sound during this reading provided by Denise Linn's Sixth Chakra Third Eye Mystic Chakra Portal on


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