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Lotus Flower - Unfolding - Inner Knowing - July Guidance

July Oracle Intuitive Guidance Reading 2019

Lotus Flower – Unfoldment

With the New Moon and a Total Solar Eclipse starting this month (July 2nd) it certainly feels like it is coming in full force. It already had that feeling as of the Solstice which started the change of season to Summer where I am in the North. The shift from June’s Iceberg – Submerged card into this one makes sense that it would feel very different.

Take a moment to look at this card, at this beautiful message bringer. The colours, the images, the flow of it. What first came to you as you saw this card and its words? You have been asking yourself questions and wondering, even worrying about certain things, and when you saw this card, you were instantly filled with a sense of knowing. Perhaps it didn’t solve everything or bring you all the answers but it certainly felt different.

You have this inner knowing that plays with you and in you all the time. Sometimes you are very engaged with it and hear it well. Other times it is a more of a mystery and something you feel you seek. Stop beating yourself up over whether you listen to your intuitive nature and guidance or not. If it is something you love to learn about, explore, and develop, then go for it! If it is a something that you enjoy when it pops in but you are not sure you want to “utilize” it more, then that can be fine for you for now. There may be moments up ahead where you sense and come to understand that it is becoming more important for you to play and learn with your intuition, with your inner knowing. You can choose to engage more at that time.

When you have that inner knowing, that clarity that comes from deep within, give yourself the opportunity to listen and really hear what it is guiding you about. It might be knowledge, it might be direction, it might be joy, it might be love, it might be actions, it might be passion, and it might be to bring your sunhat. Yes it has daily work in your life as well as big life decisions work. Why would it be present for one but not the other? Bring it in for the daily small things, enjoy it, play with it, receive with it, and experience your life with this inner knowing, with your intuitive nature, each day. And then when and where there are what seem like vital decisions to make, you are more equipped with this extra tool at your disposal. Some say it is your first tool, your first sense, something that has always been there. Some say it is your sixth sense, a new-age one. You choose, it is yours after all.

Now we are in the “Unfolding”… this new season phase came in with a lot of talk through me and my readings about your “vision”, setting visions, creating your horizon… With this card for this month, it is a reminder that your vision stems from the unfolding of you. Like a package that has been neatly wrapped and put together like origami, you are such an amazing gift. You have parts that blossom at different moments in your life. Sometimes you do not see how each petal will come together. Sometimes you do not see how the clouds will make way for the light and the nurturing to take hold. Sometimes the mud feels very dense indeed and you cannot see how you will make your way up through it. But you have the petals already in you, you have the capacity to be nurtured, you have the support to make it through the mud.

Your vision comes through with all of these components of your journey. Your vision is a part of you as much as that blossom is already a part of you, whether you believe it or not, whether you can picture it or not. You have the blossom already. You can sit on the pad on the water and feel the sun’s rays while you watch the clouds make magical shapes. You have all this already and more. So create your vision from there. No matter what your vision is about, no matter what is already a part of you and what you would like to experience and create, it is your vision, sparked from deep within and nourished by your life journey.

Hold yourself and treat yourself as you would a rare and precious flower. Its layers so profound and amazing that you could look at it and experience it all day. This is you, profound and amazing. No matter what you do in your day to day, no matter how you act or what you choose, you are an incredible blossoming, unique flower with roots as deep as time itself and magic that flows from the stars and the light. Treat yourself as such. And from you, from this space the desire to treat others the same will spread and manifest and the unfolding will pass on from you to others. This is compassion, this is support, this is understanding, this is community, this is world united, this is your day to day life in all its challenge and glory, unfolding with every breath and every beat of your heart.

What are you unfolding this month? What does your “lotus flower” look like and feel like? What support do you want to bring up to help you? What support are you asking for to help you?

Help others to see the magical forms you see in the clouds. Maybe they won’t play along but maybe, just maybe, for a moment they thought about seeing something other than the clouds. Maybe, just maybe, they felt a little silly and a little crazy, and a little freer in that moment. Maybe, just maybe, you opened a door for them to their vision, as you stepped through your own. Maybe.

Smile. This is magic. This is creating. This is life.

Laugh a little or a lot. Dance a little or a lot. Love a little, no, love a lot! And know that your own blossom is seen and appreciated. Whatever kind of flower you are and wherever you are growing, whatever you are experiencing, you are seen, appreciated, and loved.


with connection to divine spirit

and with help from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards, by Steven Farmer, available through and

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