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Let's Read on Love and Relationships!

It is almost Valentine’s Day. An interesting day, some love it, some love to hate it, some are indifferent. For most though, the idea of improving a special relationship or finding one that brings love and companionship with another is important. With that in mind and heart, an oracle card reading has been developing in the energies and now wants to come to light. Wishing you well as you nurture and listen to your heart and the hearts of others.

What do I need to know to improve my special relationship?

Listening with Your Heart

(no joke, I did just pull this card after writing the above lines :))

Affirmation on the card: “I trust the messages I receive from my heart.”

Being able to be present in a special, meaningful relationship should be the easiest thing between two humans. It comes however, for many, with a whole boatload of other stuff: thoughts, responsibilities, history, emotions, other people, opinions, body needs, etc. This often takes the person out of their heart finding them split and inconsistent. Then you add in two people who are functioning at times from very different places and at times purely from their heart, and now it is a roller coaster!

So, we come back to the heart. If you allow yourself to think of your heart as the wise portal of knowledge and information for living a life that feels wonderful (within the human challenges, experiences, and adventures), it may then become a great guide and connected source for you. How you ask? Start listening and feeling from the heart perspective. What would a wise heart do here? How would a wise heart act here? What would a wise heart say to this person? What would a wise heart notice and see in this situation? You allow and invite the wisdom to flow into your life. Your mind and thoughts will be grateful for the new perspective, perhaps resisting at first but then noticing that this heart wisdom comes with “feeling better”, “feeling lighter”, “more pleasure”, “calm” when needed, and “fun excitement” when wanted. These will feel truer than they ever have before because they are not created of a false split origin but of a whole listening, learning, observing, being heart system.

Patience. Patience with yourself as you learn to listen with your heart. Patience as your partner or loved one or special person learns to do the same. Yes sharing this with them would be important. Even if they laugh! Even if they scoff and walk away! Share it because your heart has given you the message and because they are opening their heart, even if just a little to start. Remember that the wisdom energy of the heart spreads way beyond the human body and has influence far beyond what we can see at this point. Patience.

What do I need to know to bring love and companionship into my life?

Lake – Stillness

Your heart has such beauty in it. It will overflow like the most wondrous fountain if you let it. This is regardless of whether you have others in your life to love or to be loved by. Your heart IS love! Why does a part of you still believe that you are not beautiful? Beautiful in the deep, real way? Yes on the outside but also through and through. What part of you still questions this? It is time to let in the beauty, to welcome it even!

Look around you, in the space you are in. Where is the beauty? Bring yourself to notice it! If there really seems to be none (which is unlikely), then feel what you would bring in or create to spark the beauty energy. Then create yourself some quiet time, a time when you can be with your own beauty, your heart, and your breath. How you perceive your beauty, your heart wisdom, you as love, are all part of how you are reflected outwards. It starts inwards and then flows from there. No worries here, no “I should have” or “in the past I did” or “in the past this happened”… When you are in this space of your own love and beauty, you are flowing from your own essence and it is calm, natural, and flourishing.

Breathe. Practice seeing and feeling the beauty around you. Then practice noticing your own beauty. Beauty of thoughts, beauty of feelings, beauty of compassion, your beautiful hands, your beautiful eyes, your beautiful breath… From there you will be filling up your own lake so the love from another can flow in to mix with your love. Then you will flow on to the next phases together. Start it with you, your breath, your beauty, your love.

Would you benefit from your own personal oracle card reading? It would be my pleasure and honour to bring light to your pathway at this point. Send me an email here.

Featuring the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, both published by Hay House.

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