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June Energy Insights & Intuitive Wisdom Reading 2022

June Energy Insights & Intuitive Wisdom Reading 2022


Lightning – Power


Many people struggle each and every day. Some struggle through life events. Others struggle to stay alive. Some struggle to have the basic necessities. Others struggle while having more than they could ever seemingly need. Struggle is part of human experience on this world.


Storms are part of the natural world and they can in some ways be seen as struggle. When the pressure builds up so much, when a crucial event causes a deep reaction, and when things that can be helpful and beneficial turn into too much: too much rain, too much wind, too much heat, too much cold, too much electricity…


It is all a balancing act. The wild world in its natural state is working within levels of balance that most humans cannot even start to fathom. “Wild” and “Natural” are two words that bring up all kinds of memories, images, and feelings for people. Both exist at the same time but are not necessarily the same.


Where do you fit with all this? Are you “wild”? Are you “natural”? Are you in struggle? Are you in balance?


These questions can bring you into reflection. They can ask you to notice about your life and who you are. They can also ask you to notice about your place in this world, the natural aspects and the aspects constantly created, changed, and affected by humans.


For some people, these types of reflections and reactions only take place when a big life event comes about. Something happens that gets people to re-evaluate their ways and decisions whether it is about health, family, relationships, money, the Earth, their dreams, etc. It takes a big “kaboom” to snap them back into consciously living. Why is that such a strange thing to be doing? To be consciously living?


And yet, many are not. Not because they are bad or less than, not because they have chosen not to either. It is because there is a journey at hand, a journey for the individual, then for their family and community, then for their region, their country, their continent, and the whole. This journey has many chapters, many characters, many storylines, and yes, many displays of power. Some are needed to be very conscious and others have other tasks at hand. Balance.


If the world, this planet, would be speaking to the humans, would she use Lightning to get attention? Would she be proud of the use of power that has happened and continues to happen within couples, families, businesses, governments, and beyond. Or would she say that a storm is brewing and is needed.


What would you change if you knew a storm was coming, a big one? Look at the different aspects of your life and see them through the eyes of the power of a storm and the need for that storm to bring about change. What would you change, if anything? What would you live today? What would you envision for tomorrow? What would you hope for for yourself and for others, for the collective even?


Big questions that not everyone wants or needs to answer, but someone does, somewhere, sometime, and the time is now. How many of the struggles could be solved, like that, as quick as a flash? How many would still be present but could be made easier, dramatically easier for the individual? How much of it is about choosing how the power gets used? Rather than looking at it as “who will weather the storm” it could be “how can we all move through this storm, together”.


It is not about stopping all the storms, not at all. It is about slowing down the frequency of storms we create ourselves, in weather and otherwise, and about recognizing what we do every day that creates storm systems and creates increase in struggle.


The time of harnessing power has come and gone. It is now about understanding energy and working with it. You are energy. Every choice you make is energy. What you bring into yourself and what you put out to the world are all forms of energy. If you lived in your own bubble, only experiencing what you are creating as energy, would it be somewhere you would thrive?


Great reflections and questions for the midpoint month of the year.


May your June be created and blessed with the energetic power and wisdom to thrive!


With love,



BlueWater Oracle

and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards, by Steven Farmer, published by Hay House.


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