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July Oracle Guidance

July 2018

What will help us to know this month…

Breakthrough Soul Coaching® Oracle Card

This is a soul phase, where what has happened in the past, what you have learned, what you have experienced, what you have come to desire, want, and need, now comes to a point of expansion giving you the option to breakthrough if you choose. How do you know? There may be a driving push forward (or even a pull forward!) or restlessness when you are heading in a particular direction suggesting there is something more or different for you. There may be a deep sense of coming into your own and knowing + living as who you really are. Where to go next and what to do next may be large and profound changes as much as they may be subtle slight changes that mean huge amounts to you and your life. The size of change is not as important as the degree of realization that comes to you. You may not completely uproot and shift your life, you may simply notice aspects of life differently or react differently to them. Both and all are acceptable. Not everyone will be in gigantic climactic change, but if you are reading this, there is something that is shifting for you. You know it, you can sense it. This month is the breakthrough phase where you come out of the tunnel, whatever that tunnel was for you. Your choice is whether you stop where you are or even turn around back into the tunnel. You always have the choice and there is no right or wrong answer. It is your journey. The avenue that flows more easily is probably moving forward out of the tunnel where the light is brighter and where you are able to take a full expansive deep breath, from your heart centre and from your depths of soul.

When you question, the affirmation of this card is a reminder of how you are able to soar, you are allowed to soar, and you are destined to soar as a human experience. “I soar into limitless love, light, and joy!” Limitless love, light, and joy! Limitless! If you are feeling limited, look to where this is happening. Is it in your thought patterns? Is it because you are taking on too much of someone else’s thoughts and judgements? Is it because you have emotions which are wanting to be felt and expressed but you are holding them back in fear that they will actually make you feel? Is it because you doubt the amazingness of your human body and the life experience you are in? Limitless love, light, and joy! That is a part of you as much as your skin, as much as your lungs breathing, as much as your blood flowing. It is a part of you. Love, light, and joy, in limitless amounts, from unlimited source, it is already yours!

Connect to your soul and let it bring you out of the tunnel. It will work with your heart, with your sense of full wonderful self. It will show you things you may otherwise miss. Together you will learn more and be more. What? You are not ready? You do not feel ready to step forward? For some reading this, that may be their response. No problem! There is no judgement here, no “should” effect. If you will allow, let yourself know that the breakthrough out of the tunnel is there, even if all you see is a dot of light up ahead. Feel and sense that space out of the tunnel, that dot of light. By allowing yourself to know it is there, you come into this moment and connect with your deep knowing self. You move into this soul phase where you need to and that is wonderful in itself.

For others, you are celebrating this Breakthrough! You have been waiting for the dot of light to get bigger, climbing over dark places, reaching through crevices, pushing and pulling at whatever was needed to get through and expand. Congrats! You did not give up even if it was tough and even if it was intense. Now take that deep breath you are due and enjoy! Limitless love, light, and joy! Limitless soaring! Limitless life! Enter soul phase…

Enjoy your July moon month!


BlueWater Oracle

Featuring the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published and available through

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