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January guidance: Fairies, Magic, Breath, Beauty, and Love!

Welcome to a New Year! January 2019! Happy New Year! This is a time when we often look back on the calendar year that has been and look forward to the one which is just starting. But each year is made up of a multitude of moments. 12 months is what we tend to follow here, and then weeks, days, hours, etc. I enjoy providing oracle card intuitive wisdom for the month here on my Page to bring you perspective, points to reflect on, and guidance to help you step forward and to remember throughout the month.

If you would like your own guidance for the month or for the year, please contact me. Monthly guidance written readings are available as are 2019 Light & Guidance Wheel readings! Tools to add to, build on, and enhance your journey!

For January 2019…

Fairies – Earth Magic

We welcome in this New Year with a reminder of all that is magic, all that already exists, and all that is possible! We live in a balance between time, action, and experience, calm, peace, and movement, human, spiritual, and energetic. Everything plays its part. Each of these and more, all the time, in all different and wondrous ways. At the very basic, you are breathing, your heart is beating, and you are connected to the Earth by something known as gravity. From there, are so many aspects and layers. You could just enjoy exploring them and do nothing else and still be active and live an exciting life each day! But then there is everything else!


The human experience, learning, growing, living, exchanging with others while progressing as yourself. The spiritual experience related to energy, oneness, divinity, light, love, and those who are committed to and available to help with our soul journey. The Earth experience with everyone else here, all the people, the creatures, the plant life, the seemingly solid matter, the shifting weather and changing lands, the water ways and the power of the land. Then beyond to show us the stars and the moon, and beyond that still.

Whatever your definition of “magic” may be, if you have one at all, you have to admit it is all quite amazing! So much at our fingertips, in our energy, and in possibility, but at the same time, it comes down to you, to you in this moment, your beliefs, your desires, your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul, your energy, and your breath. From there you create and you live. Whether you find it magical or not is up to you. Whether you think you are separate and finite is up to you. Whether you think you are connected or not, is also up to you. And each of these is correct because they are you and your experience.

As much as your breath changes and comes and goes in your energy, through your body, allow yourself the knowledge that your life and your experience is changing just as often and just as easily. Knowing that gives you power to experience as well as power to create. It gives you power to laugh and to cry, to share and to receive, to be and to do, and so much more. It is bringing you in line with your life and the realization that it is all okay. Yes it is all okay. That big pressure that is sitting somewhere on you (or was in the past for those who have already released it), can just go… Like a balloon being released into the air, it can float away. And it is even a biodegradable balloon that will get recycled into energy to help someone else make the same realizations of freedom and joy. Let the big pressure go, breathe in the breath that is meant for you in this moment. That is your basis point, a breath. And as it is released, feel yourself getting lighter as well, lighter with a magic that represents whatever it does for you, for your life, but know it is wondrous and it is yours. What will you enjoy today? What are you experiencing? What are you going to create? (hint, you are already doing it). Let in the light and the sparkle, notice how amazing everything is and breathe into your existence. We are blessed to have you.

I had already intuited pulling a card from another deck of mine, the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards deck, for today’s second card. Seeing the fairies with the first, just makes it all the more exciting and confirms it as a good plan!


This is a powerful card in this deck, coming to continue the space and universe discussion. As she sits in connection with the stars, moons, and planets, she reminds us that we are all made of much more than we often give ourselves credit for. The energy we have running through us is not always seen. Like the dark of her hair, it can blend in with the background depending on our perspective and what is important for us in the moment. Your energy and your essence are like this. You may be acutely aware of it all or you may be living life and absorbing what it has to offer without necessarily thinking of it on a universal spirit level. It is all good as long as it is good with you!

Regardless of how you approach your life, know that you and your life are beautiful. Even the parts you may not be so crazy about or enjoy quite so much. There is deep beauty there. It is not the surface beauty that comes and goes but the deep kind that touches you, touches others, and brings quality to life. You have this beauty. Hear this. You are beautiful! And this kind of beauty deserves and calls for love - deep, wonderful, take-care-of-self, always there, I am enough, I am amazing, I deserve good, I am loved, kind of love. It is a stand up straight because you love yourself, kind of love. It is a feel you are hugged and held in the best ways, all the time, kind of love. It is beauty that resonates from deep places and ancient knowing, learning through the ages, and saying yes you have it and that you ARE love.

Whatever comes up in counter to that type of beauty is for you to learn from then to heal, and to release in this phase if not already done so. Yes you are allowed, it is allowed. You have magical, spirit, earth, as well as human support.

Although you may not see or believe in a Fairy presence, allow today to expand you just a little, or a lot. Your breath in itself is a miraculous coming together of your body’s physical workings with science, chemistry, biology… with air that floats around you unseen… with emotions and thoughts that speed up and slow down rhythms to you, through you, and from you… and that is just a breath.

From there so much is possible, as simple or as complicated as you make it, as enjoyable or as challenging, as full or as empty. This Earth Magic energy is coming in to invite you to play, to become an active part of your life and your experience, in whatever that means to you. It is your movie, your script, your scene… adapting and changing with each breath, being co-written with you in each moment. Allow yourself to pick up the pen and do some of the writing. Bring yourself into the moment to live and then vision forward, adjusting as you go. That is how the best rides and stories are created.

Today is just a day, one day of a period of time, but it is your day, and you can make it as great as you like. Sparkle your beautiful loving powerful self forward and magically breathe fully!


Featuring the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and and the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, also Hay House published.

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