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January Card from my Year Wheel for 2023 - 10 of Cups!

January card themes & guidance - Year Wheel 2023 Oracle Intuitive Card Reading - Notes from the video reading! I thought I would give myself a reminder and you too

Which parts resonate the most for you?

10 of Cups – Robin Wood Tarot

Partnership with family.

Success, home – a place to live.

Been through the storms, now the rainbow and light coming through the clouds.

Framed image of life.

2023 brings potential for a lot of different energy shifting and breakthroughs, through the tunnel of cloud. It brings gathering and togetherness.

Cups – emotions, relationships: Feeling your feelings in this year. They are part of who you are. Ups and downs, flow in and out.

Abundance – What am I filling my cups with?

   Relationships – Am I taking care of those cups, nurturing them? Which ones am I focusing on, filling my cups with or being drained by?

Accomplishment – and then what comes next?

  Look at all your accomplishments, successes, and victories in previous years.

  Perhaps there was a lot to do, to survive, to get through for the family together, and to keep the family going.

  What you walked through, how you made it through, how you got through, what happened, and what you learned…

  Do this all January, take the moments to do this… because January is the wrapping up of things with the 10 card and shifting or breaking through to know what you are filling these cups with, what the cups represent going into February.

Ask yourself this:

  If I were to frame my life in a picture, what would I put in it? What would I include? What would be in the picture of my life?

  There is a summary of the journey so far that can be done and then looking ahead.

Then… Notice:

What brings you joy?

What are you happy about?

What fills you with love?

What brings you into feeling love of life?

What are you grateful for and thankful for?

… in this moment.

Would you like to see the reading as it happened? Watch the video version here, starting at 5:13 for January or watch the whole video for a full sense of the year!


Reading by Sheila Bicknell – BlueWater Oracle

The January card is from the Robin Wood Tarot published by Llewellyn.

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