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January 1st Vision Quest reading

My January 1st 2020 reading post. This still applies as we journey through this early part of January and anytime you want to welcome in the new day energy and visions forward. 

We start a new day. Some things are the same as before and some are brand new. Which do you keep and which do you choose to move on from? Which do you create and tend to to flourish? and When do you hold yourself with deep love to heal and to enjoy?


Vision Quest

A gorgeous and deep card for today. Before you get into the planning and preparing, before you get into the thinking of hows and when’s, let your vision soar. Let your imagination, deepest desires, and soul knowledge be the inspirations for the rising vision. Let yourself play.


In your quest for vision today, you may have moments when the creating comes as you sit amongst the stones, safe, secure, and feeling protected. At other moments, your vision will come when you have climbed to the top balancing your feet on the highest rocks and raising your hands to the sun, full smile on your face and full joy in your heart. Both are valuable to you, bringing depth and range to your vision. Let yourself be still and then let yourself climb. What do you see? What vision is there to encourage you?


This is your quest for today, to be, to feel joy, to dance with love, and to embrace vision.


With creative vision blessings and magical light of this day,



with great mystery guidance and the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.


Necklace featuring words identified and welcomed at my amazing solstice event with Om Creative by Mariel. Hidden words just for me. 

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