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Intuitive Light Radiance & Feel at Home - January Guidance Reading

Oracle Intuitive Guidance Reading for January 2020


This card comes with a highly excited energy as I was shuffling the Gateway Oracle Deck. The Vision Quest card (Native Spirit Oracle Cards) I pulled on January 1st still guides us as we step into this new year and is a great reminder as well as being a great tool as we start each new day.


Revealing Radiance

“My light illuminates the world.”


Ouf, we have all been in the dark too long! The clam shell has been closed and only a trickle of light has been able to come in. People have done really well considering how it was quite a dark and enclosed way of being. They have persevered and they have innovated. They have multiplied and they have sought riches and treasures. Now there are real choices to be made. It starts with each one and tumbles from there. We say tumbles because it does not always feel like a fantastic flow that one would picture as gentle water moving down a stream way. It can sometimes be water flowing over rocks, water claiming its space, water creating pools where none existed before, and water bringing life where little was before. The tumble is as it goes over the rocks and creates in its path. The tumble is that some life will have to really adapt and change because of this flow. The tumble is that it brings change. But you actually want some change don’t you? Nature certainly does, especially where change in the relationship with humans is concerned. And nature is way more used to change than most humans.


The challenges that have come from this past phase are now being shown. For some they will see as the light creeps a little more into their shell space. For others, the shell is being opened wide and full. Some will have choice in how much the shell opens. Others are along for the ride as the choice was made before and in ways they may not fully understand in the moment, but know the choice was made.


One grain of sand creates the pearl with the right circumstances. There is work involved but there is also magic, natural magic at play. The magic of creation and of knowing one’s work & one’s joy in the day to day. This is where intuition comes in for humans. It helps the grain of sand get the right circumstances, to see what is needed and to move in directions that will help the creation of the pearl. Whatever your pearl is, whatever your work is, whatever your joy is, and whatever your challenge is, let the intuitive nature of who you are help you open your shell to welcome in the light and see life.


If the bed you are in does not feel right to you, this is the time to fix it. This speaks to you on many levels. It speaks about your literal bed, where you sleep and the room that is designed for your rest and recovery – how does that space feel to you, does it allow your rest and recovery, does it welcome it to the level of rejuvenation or just sleep, or not even good sleep? This is nothing to do with size or fanciness. This is about how it feels. Yes you can vision to something different if you choose, but start with what is present in your life now, start with how the room feels now and what can be done about it. Small changes are like connecting with that grain of sand, huge value even in a small package.


The “bed” reference can be used to your other physical spaces too, especially anywhere that is involved in creative and care-for-self strategies. This includes any place that is involved with wellness such as the kitchen for nourishment, the bathroom for self-care, and involved in creativity like the office for projects, organization, and income generation, etc. What needs to be fixed in these places? These will be literal fixes of things that are broken or not working well, they are sapping your energy. If you are not able to fix something for whatever reason, picture and welcome in the fixed version, then do your best to make it clean and sparkly and to feel the gratitude for whatever part of it is working for you! These fixes will also be other things that will make improve how the spaces feel to you, from décor, to clutter clearing, from cleaning to useful items. What works and what does not? What do you want to welcome in and what is it time to let go of? Feel your way through it, and remember again, small actions have big value!


Is your car a “bed” to you, in the sense that it is a place that cares for you? See how it feels and what might need to be done to fix it – again not about the type of car but about how it is cared for, how it feels, and how it can care for you. Remember, you really do want your car to care for you!


When you first read the line “If the bed you are in does not feel right to you, this is the time to fix it”, what first came up for you? What did it resonate with that you know but are perhaps putting off or not listening to? Give yourself the chance to listen here and now, even if you do not yet think you have the how or what, listen… remember, grain of sand & intuition right?



As the pearl is in its beautiful shell, illuminating the world and receiving at the same time, it feels very much at home. Where do you feel at home? Is it a place? Is it doing something? Is it being a certain way? Get to know this home feeling so you can create and welcome more of it and so that you recognize when it does appear to you in your life!


As you connect with you feeling “at home”, notice how your current home space feels. Does it really speak the same language as your “home” feeling inside? Does it need some “fixing”? This fixing might be to bring more “you” into it. It might be to release some clutter from the space in order to find the home feeling. It might be to shift into welcoming something new into your home or as your home. It might be to notice what would make it home and to work towards that flow, creating mini spaces or feelings of it in the here and now.


The feeling “at home” also speaks to how you feel being you on a regular basis. If you are never at home in your “you-ness”, does it make some degree of sense that the universe may find it harder to find you? This is not a criticism or judgement, not at all, you not being “you” may be a very important and valuable step for you. With this Revealing Radiance phase, it could be in your best interest though, to notice when, where, how, and doing what connects you with feeling at home in being your true self. It is an option being shown to you. Doesn’t mean that all life as you know it changes, but it could. It primarily means to listen, listen to yourself, and to you being at home with you and your life.


As each of these components enter your awareness and become part of that tumbling, playful flow, you may also feel called to bring other people into connection with their own radiance and sense of “home”. This could be as simple as helping someone with their grocery bags. It could be as big as visioning the improvement of human society and the wellness of the planet. It could be to work towards any of these things with any steps you feel represents your grain of sand. Choices; but this time, choices in radiance, choices in light, choices illuminating.


Welcome to the opening of the shell. See how beautiful it is on the outer shell and the inner, on the outside of it and on the inside. Newness being revealed, you being embraced, flow being explored.


With love,



and great divine universal wisdom guidance working with the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.




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