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Impeccability December Oracle Intuitive Reading - Year Wheel 2023 written version

Impeccability December Oracle Intuitive Reading Year Wheel 2023 written version

We now look to December, the last card of the year, the twelfth of the months, and then we see the general theme card for the year (which ends up being the Childhood - Innocence oracle card). So for December 2023, with the Soul Coaching(R) Oracle cards, we bring up Impeccability. Oooh, this card makes us think of a year review.

The affirmation on this card is “I am impeccable in my thought, word, and deed.”

This is bringing in two different things. As we look in December 2023, a year from when this reading is done, we are looking at the year review. We are looking back. What have we learned? What has happened? What have we accomplished? What have been my needs? What have been my journeys? What have been my adventures? The good, bad, ugly, and fantastic. This includes for myself, for those close to me, and for the world, all of it.

Then it is also noticing the fine print. In that fine print, it's saying “I am impeccable in my thought, word, and deed.” So what do you stand for? And how do you bring that about in every thought, word, and deed? In every thought, word, and action? If you want to look at the whole year and to look at this as an awareness through the year, this card feels to me as if it's giving us all the option to say by December 2023, when you do a year review, where will you stand in the “I am impeccable in my thought, word, and deed”? In my values, my actions, my thinking, my behaviors, my self-care, and my care of others? All of it. Where will I stand? When I look back at the list, when I do the review, and when I look at the fine print. And why is it important?

So while this is a card for a year from when this reading was done, it feels as though it's an underlying current that is in every other card. Personal responsibility. Personal awareness. It doesn't mean you're going to be perfect. Not at all. It's not about that. It's about awareness and opening to “Can I be?”, “Can I bring in some of this?”, “How would I want to do it?”, “Why would I want to do it?” Hmm. Good questions.

That is for December 2023. I think it's also going to show us, by that month, a lot of the fruits of our labour, if you like. The fruits of what has come through in the year, as individuals, but also as a whole, what has happened, how has all this other stuff played out in the year and what is going to be listed on the story of that year? As if you had a scroll like an old times and somebody were to undo the scroll and say “I am reading out the story of 2023”. What do we want to see on that? What would you like to hear?

And it starts now. So powerful. So powerful.


This December reading is by Sheila Bicknell - BlueWaterOracle and features the Soul Coaching(R) Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.

Find this video on my YT channel here:

The Year Wheel is not to predict what will happen each month but rather to give us points to focus on, to notice, and to remember throughout the year. They add extra explanation or help us prepare. Think of it as a whisper of knowing as each new month starts and as we journey through our year.

Link to the full year wheel video:

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