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Honouring and Guiding Mothers: Leadership

(I realize I did not upload my post from May 12th around Canada's Mother's Day, whoops! As it was not only for that day, I am adding it now.)


Honouring and guiding mothers today and in this near future.

The card I pulled came quickly and easily, with a calm assurance that made sense when I turned it over.


"I am a beacon of radiance, support, and love!"

What a great way to honour mothers and the role of mothers and mothering. It is really all about being a leader. A leader in thought, word, and deed. A leader in creating a person to be a part of this world today and for tomorrow.

How are you leading? Do you realize, do you let yourself realize that you are a leader? That it is immediately a part of you from the time that child entered your life and you theirs? You are leading each and every day. Let that soak in, not from the perspective of "Oh my goodness what am I doing?!?" But rather from the perspective of "Wow, I am a leader of this person and to this person!" How many amazing things you create and allow each and every day!

And you do it with love, with support and with love. How beautiful. Supporting another being as they learn, grow, experience, and explore. Keeping them safe when they need to be and testing their wings when it is time. A fine balance that you are learning each moment of this mothering journey and developing the skills you need as you pull from instinct, from community and family knowledge, and from your own child's needs.

Now the radiance. "I am a beacon of radiance!" Remember this as you mother for you are woman first. This is what allows you to be mother. This is what lets you grow into this role and all it entails. The radiant woman inside you. The vibrant, fiery female. The full and luscious inner goddess. Some of you laugh as you read this in the context of "mother" and what you do day in and day out. And so this is brought up to remind you. Where is your radiance? When do you feel it? When do you experience it? When do you show it so others see the beacon that also comes with love and support? By remembering this part of you, you actually bring greater honour to your role as mother and to the children you are mothering. That radiance does not need to be forgotten. Life adjusts for sure as you learn but that radiance needs to still fire from that deep wonderful inner flow. There is nothing wrong with letting it flow. You will always put safety and wellness of those who need you high up on the scale. But there are times that showing your radiance, that by letting it shine, you will actually teach them valuable and vital lessons for their lives and journeys. They will have seen and felt it from you. And you will feel better, more full, to then care, nurture, and lead forward.

Bless you radiant, loving, and supportive mother! You are loved and cherished and honoured!

With love.

Featuring the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, through

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